Finding Peace

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Are you living life or is life living you? In the same way that a tree grows from an acorn to a mighty oak (as the life force of the universe flows through you, are you fighting nature’s course for your life or) are you going with the flow?

Each part of the eco-system has its role to fulfil and you are no exception. Much has been given to us in our sentient humanity and so much is expected! There are more than seven and a half billion people on the planet, but only one like you!

If you meditate or pray on this and go deep within, not only will you find peace, but also bit by bit you’ll become aware of the plan that is unique to you and then each day you will not just live life, but life will live you, as it was always meant to do.

Going with the flow is easy, because when you do, you won’t be thinking as much, because you will be who you were already intended to be, and you will be living … really living life!