Choosing Your State


I hope like me you are challenged to change your world? Some clever guy observed: “Life doesn’t have a remote control, YOU have to get up and change it!” We may think it is the circumstances around us that need to be changed, for us to get where we want to go, but in reality it is we ourselves that need to change!

For many years I have believed that “Thoughts become things” (Earl Nightingale’s – The Strangest Secret) that “What we think about and thank about, comes about” (Dr John Demartini) but recently I became aware that it is more important to realise that our thoughts come from the state we’re in!

To “rise above the struggle” we must become a master at changing our state from negative to positive at a moment’s notice! The power to beat the blues rests in the treasure chest of our hearts! The heart is where all the trans-formative powers you and I posses exist!

It really is a matter of choosing which state you prefer to be in. Some terrible tragedy, or even a series of them may have recently occurred in your life or mine, but we are divine and eternal! So, why should the things in our outer world trouble us?

We are here to personify the power of love and to rise above ALL the struggles that life might send our way! Our triumph lies in choosing the state we want to be in, and then with all the creative powers our divinity affords us to merely, in full confidence of this knowing, use them!

We get to define our own lives if we choose to. We must never let the discouraging words of others or the tragedies we encounter along the way define us; we are their victors not their victims!

Let Our Hallmark Be Love!


On any new journey you and I make, apart from having a clear destination in mind, we need others things too! We need the appropriate clothing, the means of transportation and an openness to face any challenges that maybe ahead for us.

Having the right attitude will help us immensely; the determination to succeed, the tenacity of someone who never gives up and the commitment to get to journey’s end come what may, will all make our outcome more likely.

We may need to be self-disciplined at times and make ourselves do things that we’d rather not do, to do the things we’d be happy to put off till another day. In amongst this harshness towards ourselves, we mustn’t allow any negativity to spill out onto the people we meet along the way.

By showing love, leaving a heart print wherever we go, we are more likely to be helped and supported by others on our quest for a better life! And even if that help is not forthcoming, it is always better to leave love in our wake than anything else.

Let our hallmark be love, let us be known by it. Let love be our calling card, let us never shy away from showing love to everyone we meet. Let us lead by example, let the path be lit for those who follow us, by our acts, words and deeds of love! Let us spread that magic wherever you and I go!

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It’s A Jungle Out There!


“New energy is entering your life! Changes are happening for you! Things are getting better! Everything is aligning! Blessings¬†are coming!”

What do you think, when you read the words of this meme or one’s like it? Do you immediately smile and say: “Yes! I believe it!” or do you say: “I wish it were true!” or worse still, do you say to yourself “What a load of rubbish!”

As Tarzan said to Jane: “You’ve got to be careful out there, it’s a jungle!” Sadly we don’t get what we want, we get what we expect in life. Our main struggle is to keep believing and to keep positive or we’re finished! Yesterday, I felt well and truly finished and Yet today I’ve decided to fight back!

I have chosen to continue believing, to stay positive and to expect wonderful things ahead of me. All the personal development books I’ve read or speakers I’ve listened to say, that it takes about ninety days to go from zero to hero and that means: As long as I don’t give up I will achieve what my heart is set on before the end of the year, before 31st December 2017!

I am choosing to believe this meme and to act the way you’d expect a person to act who affirms what it says. How about you? Are you going to join me in this most worthy of life changing challenges? Are you going to believe what the meme says?

I’d love you to comment below this article and “nail your colours to the mast” with me. Say what you’re expecting to happen and let 2017 end with a bang not a whimper!

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Feelings Are A Choice!


Every time the sun rises, we have the opportunity to begin again. Most of us choose instead to follow old familiar patterns. There’s safety in doing what we know; and yet, are you happy staying where you are comfortable, or would you like a challenge?

So, here is a new morning, you’ve just got up! Are you going to seize the day and grow, or are you going stay where you were yesterday and die a little inside?

There’s the easy route, that will get you nowhere fast, or the hard route that will challenge you and as you climb. If you take the hard route, you will know the exhilaration of victories previously unaccomplished.

“Ah yes!” I hear you say, “That all sounds fine and good, but to be honest I really don’t feel up to all that exhilarating stuff today! The safety of the foothills is about all I can take right now!”

It’s your choice and mine to stay where we are, but before we do, here’s a little reminder: Feelings are a choice!

You and I have a multitude of feelings stored away in the treasure chest of our hearts and we can choose which way we feel. To be empowered or to give in and give up. Which will you choose?

Today I am choosing onward and upward! Care to join me?

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