Peace Of Mind


Are you heart based? Does your head rule your heart, or your heart rule your head? Are you emotionally led or are you someone who leads your emotions? Do you identify yourself as one who loves, the ocean in a drop of humanity sent here to express the divine?

Rationality seems to be such a great way to make decisions, to be dispassionate and logical seems to make so much more sense that to be someone who acts based on fiery emotions.

Someone whose actions are knee jerk seems uncontrolled and likely to be someone who lives in regret for what they have done. Yet, I believe there is a third way. Where we use our highest emotion of love to determine our actions, then ask our minds to work out the best way to bringing about the desired effects we seek.

If it is peace of mind we seek, we must use our emotions to feel the injustice around us, then ask our minds what is the best way to show unconditional love in those circumstances. My belief is that to do anything less will lead to negative emotions leading us to negative thoughts and actions.

Peace on this little planet of ours demands we become more aware, more awake and more conscious of how the misuse of our hearts and minds is bringing us to a place of uncertainty of survival of not just ourselves but the eco-system of our planet.

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Using Your Mind


The mind is something we are told separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. We are told we are the only species that is sentient, we are the only ones who can contemplate our existence and are the only once capable of rational thought.

We are the ones that can distinguish between right and wrong and work out things logically. We can understand such concepts as past present and future. We have physical and digital libraries that can pass on our knowledge to others in the form of language and yet we are the only ones who are damaging the Earth just by being here, that is neither rational or clever!

Maybe we are using our minds the wrong way? As the superior species, surely we should be protecting the environment which sustains not only our species but all the other living beings on the planet? I am firmly of the belief that the use of our brain power needs to be reconsidered.

My contention is that we should use our minds in the same way we use a computer! We should be aware that just because it can be done, doesn’t mean it should be done. I believe decisions should be made at the level of conscience and morality, not just at the level of logic.

Pure thought, rather than just thinking is the difference between pure love and mere emotion. Emotion can be both dark and light, our darker emotions will lead us to despair, our amoral thinking can destroy our world. So, I believe we should think purely based on our highest emotion of unconditional love and not on some lesser amoral type of thinking rooted in anger or fear, to make sure both we and our planet survive.

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by APS 170919


Oh, joy words can’t express
The love within each one
Which needs to now speak forth
And shine, in light divine

Your life and mine are lost
In empty words that prove
That silence can say far more
From heart, than we in speech impart

Let love communicate in light
The shining of our souls
Let the light illuminate our world
So sure, and ever pure

Be silent and be still
Breathe out and then breathe in
Let the cracks in our humanity
Shine with light, and be so bright

Shine, for of stardust we are made
The glowing embers that we are
Through us let love personified
Let it be, in you and me

Live Your Life Your Way!


The world is waiting for you to stand up and stand out, to finally be yourself! All our experiences both good and bad have been our learnings in the University of Life. We are here now, to share that wisdom with anyone who’ll listen.

We are all individuals, sent forth from the oneness of love, to learn new ways of existence and eventually when we realise that all the joy and pain of our lives is happening so it can be communicated to others so that they can be offered new perspectives on how they can live their lives then all will be well.

Both your life and mine are precious and meaningful and maybe now that you are considering these words of mine, it is time for you to: Sing your song! Dance your dance! Play out your joy! Live your life your way! So that you can be loved for who you are!

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The Absence Of Love


I keep seeing memes which tell me that hate and prejudice are learned, that no-one showed up that way. Others ask us if we can remember who we were before we were told who we are. The world sure has its influences on us!

So there we were, lying in a pool of amniotic fluid, warm and secure, living and growing each day in such peace and joy. Some of us shared that space, but back then the soft persistence sound of our mother’s heart-beat reassured us.

Our first meeting with this world was a painful, tearful shock, but after a while things calmed down again, we were wrapped in clothes and then tightly in a blanket and got used to a new kind of comfort and being looked after.

Eventually though we found we couldn’t have what we wanted when we wanted it, that growing in this outside world could be painful and the tears began to flow again. A similar experience awaited us in later years.

For some earlier than others we learned that we needed to fit into certain social behaviours before we’d be heard, recognised or taken seriously. Towing the party line became an easily learned behaviour, even if we didn’t like it.

The truth is, we are all from a common source of love. Love is who we are and everything else in our experience and our personalities is an absence of that love. We need to get back to our roots and to be who we really are!

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On Becoming The Isness Of It All


Have you ever lost yourself in a moment of time? A moment when it seemed like you stepped aside from yourself, and everything in the four dimensional world of space/time just blurred into the distance?

I call this a quantum moment, because in such moments you and I become pure egoless energy. We return to the source of love and we become one with the universe. I believe such moments are the best.

As I write this I am thinking of you, the person reading this right now and wishing you many quantum moments! That raises the question, how can we have more of them? Is there a way to attract them?

Here’s my theory: if you would like more quantum moments, bury yourself deep into what you are most passionate about. Let life live you, rather than you living life; and become the isness of it all!

As you become that which is being lived, you will lose yourself in the oneness that is love, and you will experience the joy of knowing you are pure eternal energy! Yes, I wish you many quantum moments!

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The Veil Of Illusion


What is the most beautiful you can be? I’m not talking about following the latest fashion trends guru, or getting the best haircut or hair stylist to work on you, not even getting the best make-up artist to work with you or to get the most expensive dentist to fix your smile. Of course, it is important that we look our best and that we put our best foot forward, but you know already know what I want to talk about here, don’t you? The beauty that comes from within!

I recently saw a meme of an old wrinkled, toothless, smiling woman. She was bronzed by what seemed like endless hours of hard labour in the sun, and the quote with her photograph read: “If only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies, how very different our ideals of beauty would be!” Be honest, would you be happy for eyes to see your beauty in that way? It is such a challenging thought and yet that is in the end how we will be remembered, as our souls not our bodies!

Many years ago, we took our pet dog Sam to the emergency vets on a sunny Sunday morning in Sheffield. The expected high cost of this trip, totally slipped my mind as this young woman walked into the surgery. She looked stunning! She was dressed to the nine’s, her hair, make up and nails all perfect, and such a lovely smile. She looked and walked like a model. Then, the illusion was shattered when she opened her mouth as a tirade of profanities, abuse and negative attitudes poured forth.

The veiled illusion seemed to be working quite well for this young woman; but in contrast the love and concern showed by the receptionist for our poorly dog was exemplary. She didn’t have the looks of the client who wanted everyone to jump to attention, whilst she berated the hard-pressed staff, love shone through that lady’s words and actions.

Let all of our soul’s beauty be displayed every day, like the kindly woman who genuinely cared for the suffering of animals and their owners. Love and light to you from Andrew 🙂 <3

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What Isn’t Important

APS 170915

The past isn’t important!

It’s a land we can never visit again
Whether it’s filled with joy or pain
Replaying memories is in vain
Today is the sunshine after the rain
It’s in the now that all can change

The future isn’t important!

An undiscovered country to come
The future is a race not run
It may be happy or not much fun
So don’t sit here looking glum
Today is the day to get things done

Philosophy isn’t important!

Debating the ins and outs of things
Which ideas will lose or win
Wasting time on this is a sin
None of it will make you grin
Religion, politics? Don’t let me begin!

Hate and fear aren’t important!

Overcome your fears my friend
And let your hatred come to an end
It’s not the way your time to spend
You’ll reap things you’ll have to mend
Instead of this find love to send

Love is the only important thing!

The past is gone so don’t live there
The future unpromised a sickly pair
Philosophy makes us stand & stare
Hate and fear bring us to despair
But love is important so have a care

Something Wonderful!


In the physical world of cause and effect, it is our long-held intentions and beliefs that have a major effect on how the future will turn out for each one of us. Statements like “Oh, I could never do that!” and “Things like that never work out for me!” are counter-productive! It’s not so much the law of attraction, in cases like these, but merely a self-fulfilling prophecy set in place, by this kind of negative thinking.

In the energy world, things are a little subtler. Merely saying “I can do this!” or “I’m a lucky guy, who always gets their way!” isn’t all you need to get through. There is a chink in the armour of each one of us, where self-doubt can creep in. To believe in something bigger than ourselves, seems to be the key; so the followers of the major religions on the planet have found, anyway.

It’s not so much that the religions in themselves, are necessarily correct, in their assertions about this and that. It is the FAITH with which their adherents believe, that really matters and is effective! The person who believes energy field, is made stronger in the knowing that many others right now believe, and others have died professing this same faith. An energy field that strong, will keep you going when you’re feeling like giving up.

When you’ve read about the miracles performed by others who have taken their faith to the nth degree; it gives you HOPE that you too can join them, in experiencing the wonderful and the sublime too. Faith and hope that work, are the human expression of our connection with the divine within each one of us!

Everything in our four-dimensional world of duality, known by the unenlightened as “the real world”, resonates at certain levels of energy. The higher the frequency at which something oscillates, the more power and influence it has on things of lower energy. FAITH and HOPE are the most powerful of all energies, except for one other, and that is LOVE! (1 Corinthians 13v13)

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Creating A State Of Peace In Your Life


To find peace we must first create the state of peace within us. In the treasure chest of our hearts there we have access to every human emotion possible. We need to choose peace and feel the way we would feel if we were totally at peace. This will create the state of peace and will enable us for a few minutes of our meditation to experience peace in every corner of our lives!

Once this state is created, we can return to it as many times as we wish through the day! In reality, by doing this we are re-creating the energy field around us which will then begin to attract in the outer world that which is ours in the inner world.

I call this “practising the presence of peace” because practice makes perfect and creating states is what we have been doing all our lives, sadly most of them have been negative and yet this same power can be used to create the world in the shape we want it to be.

A wiser man (Albert Ellis) than me said: “An angry man lives in an angry world! Everyone you meet is your mirror!” We get what we give, if we want peace, we must give peace away! We must be the change we want to see in the world!

I think it maybe time to go within, find that peace, meditate upon it until we personally live in a state of peace and then become that peace in the world.

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