Trusting Others


Do you ever feel that there really is no-one in the whole world that you can trust, no-one that understands you or loves you the way you want to be loved? Well I’m here to tell you different, please bear with me, and I’ll explain:

Life can be a terrible struggle at times, but for every down there must be an up! You can’t experience really bad times without the balance of the good times being on their way to you. Life is all about ups and downs, if we didn’t have the down times we wouldn’t know how good the good times are.

I have known some very dark times in my life, in fact without going into the details, I personally hit a personally an all-time low in recent weeks and although I’m not fully out of it yet, things have begun to improve. Actually, as a matter of fact, that statement is based on something that to me happened today, the whole world is looking much brighter.

You see, the one person that you can trust, the one person that fully understands you and loves you the way you want to be loved has been with you all along! In fact, that person is YOU! All the events of our lives affect us and make us who we are, but trusting yourself, your instincts and your higher self is the way to get back to trusting others.

There are some wonderful loving people not far away from where you are right now. There are support groups in local churches, there are the Samaritans and Citizens Advice, those kinds of organisations. To be in a place where you can be helped by people like that though you must trust yourself enough to reach out and share your problems.

Maybe my problems are nothing like yours, maybe you’re reading this and thinking what does he know about my present situation, NOTHING and you’d be right! But this much I do know, if you are in need, then in this dualistic world there is someone there with the resources to help. To meet them you must trust yourself enough to reach out and ask for the help they can provide!

There Is Only Perception!

Perception is everything!

Perception is the magnifying glass through which you and I see the world. It depends where we point our own focus as to what we will perceive and how strongly we will believe our own version of events and the interactions we have with one another.

In our dualistic so called “reality” there must be at least one alternative to the view we take, that is the nature of things. It is therefore important to understand how those who hold a different view to us are viewing the world. Is it possible that if we had the same filters we would have come to the same conclusion?

This reminder is an opportunity, for us all to become a little more tolerant, of those who hold different views to our own. Our own beliefs, however sincerely held are only one perception that is possible in the kaleidoscopic possibilities of our multi-faceted human consciousness.

Are You Authentic?


Being your true self, is your gift to the world. You are totally unique! the human race is depleted by those who don’t play full out and become the best person that they can be! Let your light and your love shine as brightly as possible every single day. Let yourself be known by the brightness not the dimness of your ways!

For You Not To You!


Your life has a purpose, it will be revealed to you. You are right now exactly where you are meant to be!

If you are in pain, I pray a blessing upon you; but I know it is happening for you not to you. You will grow, you will learn, you will triumph over and through your pain.

Smile, because of you live a life of faith and anticipation yours will be an example to follow, you and all of us will be in awe of you, but you will reach your destination as victor not victim!

Keep smiling and keep on keeping on, love and light to you from Andrew 😊❤️

Make Today Your Own Personal Independence Day!


Where do you look for answers? Do you look outside yourself for a guru, a teacher, a preacher? Do you read books, do you watch TV, do you interact with the social and other kinds of media? Do you talk to your friends or family? I am here to tell you that you are the guru! You have all the answers within you! The best coaches will always tell you that and help reveal the world within to you!

When I was a younger man I went to bible school for a year, I truly believed that all the answers anyone could ever need were in that book. More recently I have reached out to others to help me to bring my message to the world, but none of them have the answers for me, they have the answers that their hearts are seeking, not mine; for we are all individuals!

If you and I can stay still enough for long enough and drop from our minds, and their incessant prattling and mumblings, into our hearts we will find our answers. For it is in our hearts that we connect with our higher self, the universe, with god and there and only there will the truth be known, spirit to spirit and heart to heart, we will discover our own answers!

In fact, I’d go further – I believe that NOTHING will ever make sense to us, until we find the place of stillness and wisdom within us! I believe that there’s so much to distract us, and yet to be awake, to be aware and to be fully conscious, we MUST always go within!

Eternal Beings


I believe there is peace beyond the troubles of this life. That the inner world is the real world and the external world like Einstein said is: “… an illusion, however persistent!” I believe that inner reality, the spirit, is not born and never dies, it is eternal; which means both you and I are eternal beings.