Does Your Life Have The Flavour You Want It To Have?


My recommendation is to do whatever things make you feel happy and to do them as long as possible every day! Loving the quality moments of your life, rather than pursuing a long and miserable one.

At the age of 81 my father was told by his doctor to stop eating salt that it was bad for him and that if he wanted to live a long life he should stop. As a child growing up I remember my Dad saying the phrase multiple times “lashings of salt” when it came to eating his “dripping and cake” or his “fish and chips.”

It seemed to me that my dad loved the flavouring that salt gave to his life and that when he was put on a “healthy regime” of no salt his life lost some of its joy to him. It wasn’t long after this that he left us.

Jesus said Matthew 5 v13: “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot!”

The Symbol of Our Age

The symbol of our age is … a burnt out social housing tower block in the richest borough, of one of the richest cities in the (so called) civilised world.

It’s time for us all, to finally choose between people and profits, kindness and catastrophe, decency and decadence! It’s time for the silent majority to be heard, and for the love that exists in our hearts to be administered to the needs of our fellow human beings.

If there is a sea change in the opinions of the individuals that make up our society, then the leaders (who love to cling on to power) will change too. Our silence and our lack of scrutiny is as much responsible for the tragedy, as those seeking to cut corners to make profits for themselves has caused. It’s time to speak up and say: “Not in my name!”

The result would be, that instead of using fellow citizens as pawns in a game where the rich make the poor pay for their mistakes, we could now finally give as much value to our neighbours lives as we do to our own. It would also mean, there would no longer be an “us and them” mentality, that excuses our own prejudices and that ends in hatred or at least a lack of compassion towards humanity.

The Banking Crisis of 2008 was supposed to show us that greed isn’t the philosophy that serves any of us. It’s warning wasn’t heeded, and now we must in all sadness and abject remorse for our own silence and/or interest (as this potential event was becoming more likely), now finally speak up both loudly and clearly for our fellow citizens in love, compassion, kindness and care.

We need to be aware of our own response as we face this new symbol of our age, before profit steals away from us those that we love in the way that the Grenfell Tower tragedy has done to many hundreds already:

In This Vale Of Tears

170622 Andrew Paul Smith


There is blessing everywhere
If you look for it
So much to celebrate
Joy that can be yours
In this vale of tears

Beyond the tragedy
Beyond the cruel reality
There is peace
There is such deep feeling love
In this vale of tears

You can focus on what goes wrong
Or you can choose to see beyond
To see the light
Shining through the cracks created
By the things that torment you
In this vale of tears

So, take some deep breaths
Still your mind, know the truth

That in the depths of your being
There’s is a full and complete answer
That will quiet all the grumblings
And the mumbling of the negative voice in your head
And you can transcend fully
All negativity within this vale of tears

Letting Go


What this question is asking is: “Are you attached to the outcome?” Are you someone who always wants things to happen in a certain way? Do you attempt to control situations and people? Do you want it all to go your way?

If you do, then you will have such a stressful life micromanaging your day. It may be relatively easy to let go of some things rather than others. After all some things seem more important to you, don’t they? These are the very situations that you need to let go of most.

The things that are hurting you right now, the appearance of lack in your life, the possible pain like bereavement that may happen if something important is no longer under your control? Well, to let go of that would demand faith, wouldn’t it?

The Charles Dickens character Mr Micawber was a man of faith, his catch-phrase was “Something will turn up!” My Dad had his own version of this phrase: he used to say to me; “It’ll all work out, you’ll see!” I often think of it.

Life is a struggle, until you let go and have faith. I remember walking away from the hospital that December night after my father died and thinking how everything in his life right to the end, had as he had expected and predicted, “all worked out” for him and those who loved him, perfectly.

What Of Love?


Every one knows that love is the answer to all the worlds problems; that we should be kind, and show our concern for those in need. And yet … the human heart seems closed and unaware on so many occasions that the absence of love is what we see reflected in the news that is reported and in those whose words declare the news to us too.

Where is the generousness of spirit, the willingness to show mercy and to give people the benefit of the doubt. Why do we all display cruelty from time to time, rather than the love that is most surely within us? I believe we are at the deepest of levels beings of love and light and yet so often our very nature is not in sight.

In tragedy, in confusion, in chaos, in the face of the obvious needs of others our hearts are moved and we shine the light of love into the darkness! So, my question here is why do we wait for tragedy to let out this most beautiful part of our being? Are we too busy excusing ourselves for our internal faults and our external mistakes? I simply ask not of tody and the beautiful explosion of love and light, kindness and compassion but on other days … WHERE IS THE LOVE?

Are You Peaceful And Balanced?

What Of Scarcity and Guilt?

Today a fire has engulfed a block of apartments in Kensington in West London. In early observations from fire officers it has been suggested that the fire spread up the side of the building on recently installed cladding, put there to make the building, considered an eyesore, prettier to look at.

Approximately £10 million pounds was spent on renovating the 1974 building which was the home for hundreds of people. Even in these early hours since the tragedy, information has come to light that those responsible were ignoring residents requests that the funding be used to make the building more secure from fire.

I do not know the truth of the statement that sprinkler systems were requested but ignored by the owners of the building. However, it seems to me that society has in someway failed the residents who are now homeless and have lost all their possessions, even if they did escape with their lives.

I believe instead of spending money on making something look nice, a second fire escape and a sprinkler system was a more appropriate way to spend the funds made available; something that appears to have been suggested by residents at the time of the refit and before! What value do we place on human life or housing people more safely and securely?

I believe we need an evolving consciousness that brings us forward from a place where a fearful belief in scarcity leads later to feelings of guilt. We need a find a way to act, so that those who always insist after the point of tragedy, that we will “learn its lessons and get it right next time”, won’t need to say those words again.

This is a time for peacefulness that originates from being connected to the higher self and to the awareness that in fact there is in fact an abundance of all we need. That there really is enough to go around; so that the needs, not the greed, of every man and woman, every boy and girl on the planet can be met. That by an attempt to balance the have’s and the have nots within our meritocracy, we can and we will bring an end to the type of tragedy we are all witnessing today.

It’s a time to be emboldened, to cry out for a new renaissance of society, to end austerity and stop making the poor pay for the mistakes of the rich. It’s time to address the greed that exists within our capitalist system and instead of applauding those who make massive wealth without feeling the responsibility to their fellow man, instead to be revealed for who and what they really are!


Open Your Heart


There’s a hidden you inside, that wants to come out and play. My friends would come to the door and ask my Mum: “Is Andrew playing out?” It only struck me today that most of us play in, because we are still being held back by the code of ethics our parents gave to us!

I’d like you to hear me right now, asking your Mum if you are playing out. The only thing that is different is that your Mum is actually not there, you are an adult and you make your own decisions now! Why do you keep letting her answer the door?

You know you want to play out, but you’re scared! Scared of being seen out, saying and doing the things that convention, society, your peer group and of course those who raised you might say, if you were finally out, if you were finally you.

My parents both died within three months of each other back in late 2004 / early 2005 and although I think of them every single day and still love  and respect them both with all my heart, I must report the following experience:

I miss my weekly calls to them on a Saturday morning, but I don’t miss having to hear their concerns when things are going wrong in my life. I hated having them worried about me. I am also glad that I have felt able to be more myself and share my opinions more freely.

But: I wish I hadn’t waited and that I had felt free to come out with my opinions and to live my life the way I choose, before they left me. I am sad they didn’t get to see me as a fully fledged adult and yet there’s still part of me that  needs and wants to come out and play.

I have written this article because I believe you should consider that although we must always live our lives in a loving manner because love is the answer; I also believe we are all individuals who need to shine our light as boldly and as bravely as possible!

How To Believe In Yourself

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The Dance Of Life



There is so much to love in and about your life, but as you first start to crawl, then walk, then run and finally … as you begin to dance to the tune that only your heart can hear, your soul can truly understand, how to love yourself.

Life as we experience it, has been given its parameters to us by parents, teachers, our peer group, the media, our employers and by current philosophical thinking.

However, it is only when we can see ourselves, not as right or wrong, talented or incompetent, loved or unloved by others, but as authentic, special and valid in our own eyes despite of our faults and regardless of our gifting, that we can truly be free to dance the dance of life!

So, see the individual that you are, get up close and personal! Embrace your darkness and your demons too! Be real! When you see your flaws and love yourself anyway, then you will have learned how to love and respect others properly too!

Yes! Fall in love with yourself and do that before you do anything else; because when you do, you will realise that everyone ,despite their faults, are lovable too!

You can then live the way the hymn writer said Jesus did, when he wrote the line describing him as: “Love to the loveless shown that they might lovely be!”