I Have Been Blessed!


 Have you had the privilege of having someone in your life that is so loving and supportive of you and your dreams, someone who believes in you every day, especially on the days you stop believing in yourself?

When you have someone like that in your life you are very fortunate indeed. To have someone in who’s presence you feel more like the person you intend to be, than at any other time, is a major blessing indeed!

Not everyone’s parents are as supportive as I’ve just described, but mine both were! I have been blessed with others who have made me feel more like (that best) me when I’m with them, they always seem to make it more likely I will become that person, and there is usually evidence to prove that this is indeed the effect that they have had on you, if you look carefully enough!

I must take the opportunity now to thank the universe for placing them in my life. I do hope I have fulfilled this role in the lives of others too; and you dear reader, I hope you bless and are blessed in this way too.

We Are All One!


Everything is random and everything happens for a reason. In the great quantum entanglement of life we are alone and we are all one! There is emptiness and meaning, joy and sadness, both a plan for your life and mine, and nothing makes sense!

Everything is false and true; but the question is which will you believe? I have chosen to charge my faith positively not negatively. At the age of 17, I decided to believe in a friendly, not a hostile, universe. In the end, I said to myself back then, I may be proved to be wrong, but by taking this attitude I would enjoy my time here much more!

Forty-plus years later I’m still having a ball! I enjoy my life and look for positive meaning and purpose in everything that happens to me. Sure, I do have days where I get down, but even then I see them as necessary so that I have the contrast for knowing how good, the good times really are!

I see you, if you’re reading this, as a blessing to my life! Thank you for showing up! I do hope you too can see the sweet serendipity of knowing me? I am choosing to enjoy the dualistic nature of this reality and I believe in the extra letter L, the L that stands for Love. We are not alone, in my perception we are all one!

The Only Way Out, Is The Only Way In!


There’s a part of me that dreams, a part of that is secure no matter what happens. I sit here sure of myself, and yet still doubting. Why don’t I dare to push off into the deep, and throw myself on the wings of uncertainty and delight?

I know I am eternal and yet the ego part of me doesn’t want to let go of the familiar. I hear warning bells, the voices of all those who ever cared for me shrieking “STOP!” The false self has such a pull on me.

And yet here I am, able to see the chasm opening up between who I thought I was and who potentially I can become. I am daring myself to jump the ship that is taking me in the direction I know I am not supposed to go. I am scared! I am fearful!

Can I put my money where my mouth is, metaphorically speaking; or am I trapped in my penniless existence unable to attract my true worth? I wish I could say, I have broken free of my old ways, my ego, my false self, the identity I acquiesced to build with others to cover up the real me, but instead I feel I am being torn apart.

Please pray for me, pray for my freedom from the things that hold me back from embodying the true spiritual being I am, rather than the ordinary person I have allowed myself to become.

One Of Life’s Mysteries Solved!


Everything that exists in the three-dimensional world came into being by someone thinking the idea of: “What would it be like if?” It’s been the same in your life and mine, since we started to think. We may have thought as a baby, if I cry I will be fed, and so we cried.

We’ve done this so often, we don’t even realise it’s happening we are on autopilot. We think negative and positive thoughts and then negative and positive events come into our lives as a mirror of those thoughts.

It seems too simple to be true, but have you ever stopped to think what’s happening in my thoughts? It may be that you don’t know that you are being negative, and yet you have the best defence mechanism ever! It’s called “the pit of your stomach,” “your gut reaction!”

You know deep down inside whether some thought that you’re having is good for you or bad for you, because of this internal knowing. So from now on, manifest your reality with positive thought projection! Project an image of how you want things to be, not how you don’t want things to be, and you will have solved one of life’s mystery’s!

The Joy Of Going Deep


For me there is nothing better in this life than when you meet soul to soul with another person! I think that is why I took to the role of coach so well. I just love and am fascinated by people, I want to know what makes them tick and to show them how lovable they really are! I remember singing a hymn in church which spoke of the way God “looks and loves his image there” in each one of us. I want to see others, how God sees them.

I know that there is a divine spark in every person I meet and that life is always made sweeter when your are privileged to really see the image of God in another. It isn’t an easy place to gain access to, but oh the treasures you can find when someone is willing to reveal to you who they truly are on the inside!

Most relationships, even some great friendships are very surface in nature; but oh, the joy of going deep! To get there with another human being you have to become vulnerable yourself, you have to be willing to share your truth, to risk rejection, to be non-judgemental and to love like the creator loves. Then the beauty of existence, of life and of experiencing sacred encounters will be yours!



End the struggle and dance with life! The regrets and sadness, the joys and thrills of yesterday are all gone! Tomorrow is neither promised nor worth worrying over, whether will will get our own way or not! It is enough to just be!

When we live fully in this moment neither the past nor the future can hurt us, and if we are willing to accept the reality of now we can no longer miss something that no longer exists, or be unhappy or fighting for something that may never be.

Assert yourself in this moment called now! Breathe deeply, know everything is as it should be, and if you must think backwards, be grateful for what was, and when considering the future, only allows thoughts of the joys to come! It is better to still the mind and be here now! Just be!


170408 aps


What motivates us all is our future potential happiness. No matter what it is that we tell us will give us those feelings, a house, a car, a holiday; a bigger house, a better car, a foreign holiday, in the end analysis we just want to feel good.

And yet, when eventually if we are successful with our pursuits, the question is: “Where will that feeling of happiness come from?” The answer is that although affected by outside circumstances of personal possession, the feeling itself will come from within us.

In fact we have access to the feeling of happiness right now, it’s just that we’ve put it on hold till the future date when we achieve our goal or goals. What a foolish thing to do! To deny ourselves the happiness we deserve and possess in this sacred divine moment called now!

The desired possessions we are seeking are the reason we are not happy now! Possession itself is a lie, in reality the material universe is an illusion created by lots of individuals seeking their own way. It is in contentment and silence, in the larger world of BEING, not doing or achieving that true happiness exists!

So, stop on your journey to happiness today and take a moment out with me, just to be happy!

Don’t Fear! No Fear!


Don’t fear! No fear! Never give up on yourself! Keep believing!

I see the young express with clarity that they have a gift and they are going to pursue it. Friends and family tell the so very obviously talented to have a back-up plan. They are worried for the gifted one out of love, they don’t want them to get hurt.

What these kind intervening ones don’t realise is: that if we don’t, all of us, pursue our passion we will wake up one morning near to our sixtieth birthday and realise how wrong we were to listen to this act of kindness! We should have pursued the great calling earlier even though now it’s not too late!

I’d advise the younger me to not make those kindly words part of my own internal dialogue! To listen to my heart and go after my dreams with all my might. Never to accept protocol and the status quo, never to bend the knee to what’s considered right and proper, when it comes to pursuing your life’s calling!

Don’t fear! No fear! Never give up on yourself! Keep believing!

Shine Out Through The Cracks In Your Humanity!


Even in the darkest night the light that shines can display such colourful beauty! We must remember to shine our light as brightly as possible in our own dark times and when there is a need for illumination in the lives of others.

The darker the night, the brighter our light. The light of which I speak is a form of love, it shines through the cracks in our humanity. It is in our lack of perfection that our love can shine through best, if we let it.

How many nights have we been thankful for the light of the moon? Be a light for those in darkness, let your life shine as an example that it’s possible to make your way through dark times and come out smiling at the beginning of each new day!

Are You Ready To …

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Tell your truth! Shine your light! Your warmth and raging courage in telling your story will show the way for others to do the same. Since the ancient times, people have sat around the camp fires loving to listen to stories. We all need to hear yours!

If you dare to tell the world what it feels like to be you, the consciousness of humanity will grow, because there’s only ever been one you! Your story is valid, your story is one which will make people realise it’s ok to laugh and it’s ok to cry, it’s ok to not be ok!

People will warm to your story, you will enlighten us all, but as I was reminded yesterday to communicate your message effectively; we need to “Stand up, speak up and then shut up!” I challenge you today, to let your true colours shine!