Letting Go!


What are you holding onto? It isn’t what you have that matters, it’s what has you! The things we hold on to can become like the chains of the ghost of Jacob Marley, they can become our very own prison bars!

It is strange how things from the past, some of them no longer with us in this present moment, are holding us back from taking the actions we would like to take. It’s not just what you’re holding onto, it’s what’s holding onto you! There is only one moment that has ever existed, the ever present now! It is the only time we are able to act!

So, why would we in this present moment, called now, ever allow something that happened in the past stop us from taking the actions that seem appropriate today? Sentimentalism and maybe even the rules that served us well in the past are what can debilitate us from living the life we desire!

Be you, be free, be now!

Taking Action


If you’ve ever desired to be somewhere you’re not, to become something more than who you are. If you’ve wished for a brighter tomorrow and you still haven’t experienced your dreaming in the waking world, then I have a challenge for you. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

The truth is nothing will change till you do! The path ahead for you to have the experiences you seek is created by your own decision to step out and take action. You are the cause of the effect you seek! JUST DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING!

We all know that the only way to get a different result, is to take a different action and yet we keep getting the same results and blaming the circumstances or other people for the frustrations we feel of not having the things in life we want. IT’S TIME TO TAKE THE NECESSARY WALK TO GET TO OUR DREAMS

Are You Emotionally Healthy?


It’s time for us all to take back the power over our own emotional well-being! Have you given another person the responsibility for your happiness? Do you hang onto their every word? Do you go up and down like the tide does, as if they were the Moon to you?

It isn’t a healthy dynamic to exist between two adults, is it? “Oh but,” you might say “I love this person so very much, their opinion matters to me. I love to see a smile on their face! I’m only really happy when they approve of what I say and do!”

You and I must come to the place where our own personal happiness is something that depends on us alone. Of course it is wonderful to see the smile of the ones we love, especially when we know that they wear that smile because of our interaction with them. But, to be unable to find personal happiness without that smile, is an emotionally unhealthy place to be.

It’s Time To Become A Believer …

… A Believer In You

If your universe resolves around you and my universe resolves around me, guess who is central to the changing of the outcomes of your life and mine? We are! In the same way, we need to look within for our answers, we first need to look inwards to recognise our problems and why they’re part of us, before we can address them.

So, here’s some soul searching for you, to illustrate what I mean. As a young man, I became a Methodist Lay Preacher and was highly commended on many occasions, and yet as the years went by it seemed to me that the new churches I attended sat on that gift. I have done many things in my life, but I have never earned my living doing what I know to be my calling. I believe now though; it is ourselves who stand in our own way and no-one else!

My problem is me! Why do I feel unable to allow myself to live out what I have seen for so long to be my calling? Is it because I believe I shouldn’t charge for inspiring people? I did think that for quite a while. Do I fear rejection? Well maybe I did before, but I can assure you, that isn’t the case anymore. I believe the real reason is relating to my need to believe in me. In the end, we can only do what we believe we can do. So, I have become a believer, a believer in me! It’s time for you believe in you!

Still Enough For Long Enough

Can you be still enough for long enough? We all rush about, busy, busy, busy – in the Western World there’s places to be, people to see.

Jesus told his disciples to: “Come apart and rest awhile!” One preacher said “If you don’t come apart and rest awhile, you’ll just come apart!”

Besides taking time out to rest, we all need to stop to listen to our souls. In that quiet place we can hear the voice of intuition, the voice of our higher selves, the voice of god/life/the universe.

That is where our answers lie, within us! When we look outside for guidance we hear other people’s truths not our own. Yes, the silence is the place of knowing, the place of peace!

We Are One!

Have you ever considered the possibility that you are part of the oneness? That in this three- dimensional world of illusory duality and of cause and effect, that we are really one?

That human beings and their thinking minds have created a world of ego that sees the illusion of separation from whence comes all the problems of the human world? For if we really are one and the same, then to be at odds with each other is to be at odds with yourself.

Individuality, I believe is just a game we play from heaven to make things interesting, but in truth we are safe, we are not alone, we are surrounded by love, we are ourselves love and we belong together. In the fullest sense of the word together, we are one!

Your Metaphor For Life


What do you see in the picture I have used to illustrate my writing? Does it signify to you that the mists are clearing in your life? Or are you at the jetty still waiting for your boat to come in? Are the birds that are flying overhead, swallows telling you that summer time is here or are they blackbirds that bring an ominous feeling with them?

We all use metaphors to describe our lives and our interpretation of what is happening to us. Our language can be both negative and positive; but mark this, whichever form of words we use ends up defining or at least affecting our reality.

We must guard our language and the use of metaphors, because the two ears nearest to our mouths are our own. Some days we go down the negative path with our words, and like that dark feeling in the pit of our stomachs, these negative words are warnings to remind us to act to find a remedy to make us happy again.  I hope you could see the blue sky in the picture? I wish you nothing but blue skies in abundance!

The Upward Calling Of Our Hearts

You are not your mind!

Intelligence counts for a lot in this life of complicated things; but if you never listen to your heart, if your intuition is something you ignore, you will pay a very heavy price for that. There will be great sadness in your life!

We all came here to create, to find something we can be passionate about and to do it with all our might. This is not a selfish act, but our very purpose in being here. We are allowed to choose, in fact the who spiritual universe is cheering us along the nearer we get to acting that way, and wants us all to follow through!

I am not speaking of hedonism and ego, I speak of the opposite. I speak of respect for the upward calling of our hearts to act in love in every different circumstances we find ourselves in. How will you reflect love to and from the creator? Where does your passion lie, ask your intuition to tell you, and then listen!

A Purposeful Life

Part of being awake, spiritually awake, is noticing how you feel, and acknowledging those feelings. People unaffected by things on an emotional level may be seen by those who are awake, as being dead inside.

To be consciously aware of how you feel, is the barometer by which we should live our lives, but we must keep our minds in gear at all times! It is in essence the way to look before you leap, which contrary to it’s use, may well be advocating that we should be leapers into the unknown.

When you seek to live a purposeful life, (which is always going to be your own perspective on the matter) you must act from the passion you feel within, and be proud of your actions despite what the naysayers tell you.