Are You Growing?


How do you feel when people say: “You’ve changed!” in some disapproving tone? Are you upset at their judgement of you, or do you quietly think to yourself; not that maybe you’ve grown apart from them and feel their sadness, but that you’ve grown and that is something good?

To be someone who is independent of the good opinion of other people is one of Abraham Maslow’s tests of the self-realised human being. I have spent most of my life as a people pleaser and I can tell you it’s a hard habit to break!

The reason for doing anything is because it pleases ourselves. To do something from your heart as an act of love is far better than doing something to get into another person’s good books. Keep changing for the better, become more loving every day and rejoice when you hear the accolade: “You’ve changed!”

Whatever Makes You Feel Alive, Do That!


Do what makes you feel alive! We are all different and we all have at least one thing that we feel passionate about. Whatever that thing (or things) is (or are), is what we should be doing. Stop merely existing, it’s time to LIVE your life. Don’t waste your energy on anything less than what you feel passionate about!

“Oh!” You might say “It’s not as easy as that!” I have places I must go, money I have to earn, demands on my time from other people. I know exactly what you are talking about, I know exactly what I want to do; but I just can’t do it!” My reply to that is – FIND A WAY!

If you don’t find a way, then you will be filled with regret for the rest of your days! You may believe you will be letting yourself and others down if you don’t do all the things you are in the habit of doing, but the truth is if you don’t do what you’re passionate about you will have missed your purpose and you will have failed us all on a monumental scale!

It’s time to FIND A WAY, to be you, to fulfil your destiny, to make this world a brighter place. Do the thing that’s in your heart, because you will do it with such fantastic energy that it will be memorable, your life will count in the great scheme and you will have lived instead of merely existing!

Hum Drum and Tic-Toc


Are you “going through the motions”? I suppose those who do might not be aware that’s what they are doing. It’s what Stuart Wilde called “Hum-drum and Tic-Toc”. What others have referred to as, for example myself: not living my fifty-nine years, but living the same year over and over.

Ken Tooze the pastor of one of the churches I attended used to say “Constant change is here to stay!” So even when we don’t change, grow and instead continue to live on auto-pilot, the world around will continue to change and our hand maybe forced in a way where we are not in control of the events of our own lives.

Continuity is safety, but once you see the possibilities for growth, passion and a purpose for your life, you can become daring and passionate about doing things differently. Life hasn’t got a remote control, you must get up and change it.

I challenge you to awaken and see beyond where you are today; to think of where you would like to be in two years, five years, ten years’ time. Get some excitement, even anticipation, going on the inside, at the possibilities that lie ahead for you. The possibilities that exist, if you decide to be the instrument of change and growth in your life. Choose to go beyond hum-drum and tic-toc!

Kissing Life


Are you in the habit of kissing life? There is nothing more intimate than a kiss. We use our lips to bless and to curse, to smile and to laugh. Our lips can be open and fleshy or tightly pursed together; but I believe the creative intention of lips were for kissing.

To show love is really why we are here, kissing is a way to end the cursing and be a blessing without saying anything. If you kiss life on the lips, i.e. Like you mean it, then life will kiss you back!

Come on now, pucker up, make the shape of a heart with your lips and blow life a big noisy, sloppy intimate and beautiful kiss. Don’t be shy, giggle if you feel silly doing it, but send your kiss out to life today. Love life, be you, be here, be now!

The Nature Of Being


What is it about the natural world that lifts the human soul? I believe it’s the undisturbedness of it all. This is how it was before people got here and started rewriting it in their own image. It reminds us of the peace beyond the prattling of the human mind.

Don’t get me wrong I’m no Luddite, I love the ingenuity and creativity of my species and personally love organising things. I do also recognise the value of dropping from my mind into my heart, and fully knowing what it is like, just to be alive.

I am glad I am sentient being, that I can work things out and seek to arrange the things that will happen next in my life. I do however believe that of greater value isn’t the ability to think, but to feel! Let us go deep into the forest, sit, watch and listen to nature doing her thing without it needing to think it all through and be in awe.


170315 aps

BREATHE! When you get right down to it, it’s the only thing you should have on your “Things To Do” list. We fill our lives with so much more; but, by just breathing we can notice that we are alive. When we focus on our breath, we focus on our being, our existence, our life.

In the time of focus, we can let our minds be quiet, our senses be dumb, and in that stillness realise our own connection with all that is. You don’t need a religion or some set precepts of faith to be aware and feel connected, all you need to do is BREATHE!

There will come a time when you and I will no longer breathe and our contribution to this life will be over; the gift that we came here to give will have been given. The physical universe will go on without us, some of the stuff on our things to do list, will remain undone, and all will be well. So be at peace, and take some time today, to BREATHE!

React or Respond?


In this cause and effect universe you must see yourself as a creator not a waiter in life! We can all choose where we stand, whether we should react or respond to what other people say or do to us!

Every moment in life is an opportunity for us to create the world, or at least our part of it in the way we want it to be. We can always choose our own response as to what we do as a result of the actions or words of others.

Do we want to join the creative flow of others, do we want to help them cause what they are trying to achieve; or do we have our own agenda? That is the question to ask rather than just acquiesce and become part of other people’s effect on the world, wouldn’t you agree?

How Miracles Happen


We are motivated at the core of our being by expectation, and depending on whether that expectation is positive or negative will dictate our outcomes in life. Our expectations become a self- fulfilling prophecy.

When it comes to your own personally desired miracles the possibility of them coming to pass is directly related to our faith that they will happen. Our energy, positive or negative not only affects the actions we take and the words we speak, but also the way those around us act.

Energy is a magical thing, and everything, in our cause and effect universe, is energy based and has its own power to change for good or bad the outcomes we experience. In the end it comes down to a choice of how we direct our energy, our thoughts and our actions as to whether we receive the miracles we want or not.

Light and Love


What of the light and love I send out with my messages? How do I perceive it? I believe we are physically made of stardust and that we are meant to shine. I believe that as we spiritually awaken our souls are clothed in light and the source of this love and light is from within us!

In Sunday School, we were taught a chorus and the words were “This little light of mine I’m gonna let it shine!” It alludes to the words of Jesus who said “You are the light of the world!” He also said directly after that “Don’t hide your lamp under a bushel!”

You are light and the way you and I shine, is by the love we share and show to others! As you meditate over these few words of mine remember that like each star before you you have your own internal energy source. Let’s all shine brightly today with love and light to you from Andrew

Spreading Happiness


The power to make happy! We all have it, and the closer we get to someone, the better we know them, the easier it is for us to make them happy! A simple complimentary word or phrase, an unexpected kindness, a smile; all these are within our power and cost us nothing!

The question is, do we take the opportunities as they present themselves or do we hold back from them when they appear?

How much better would the planet and our lives be if we chose to spread a little happiness instead of spreading frowns. Every day is a challenge for each one of us, we all carry heavy burdens! So, if you see someone without a smile, give them one if yours, even when the person just happens to be the one in the mirror!

It’s a very important part of my philosophy! I love to be the one who puts a smile on other people’s faces, I know I often fail, but it is always my intent to find the opportunity to help make people smile. How about you?