Love Alchemy


Did you know that we all came here to express love, for love’s story to be told? We can be the source of our own or other people’s heartbreaks, but if the one whose heartbreak it is tells the story, it will contain a part which says how much they loved their special someone.

In the duality, there has to be two sides to everything, and as they say it is better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all. The true alchemist doesn’t turn things into gold, but into something much more valuable … LOVE!

If you are living with a broken heart right now, it is good to celebrate the wonderful experience of love you knew; but I have a challenge for you: Are you an alchemist who can turn the saddest heartbreak story, into love? Maybe there’s a new take on the eternal story of love you can find in this moment?

Turn it all into love! May love be yours and my experience every day!

Cast Fear Aside!


There are strange forces at work in each of us. Some days it feels like we might be ripped apart. There are pressures that come to bear upon us; the status quo or growth and life? A world of exciting but uncertain possibilities, or the calm comfort of remaining where we are?

If I run to catch my dreams, I may fall flat on my face, I may become a laughing stock! I am a big fish in a little pool here, and I talk so well about how good I am at this or that. But, to be a small fish in the ocean of ever changing tides, that sounds scary and challenging!

Cast fear aside, I say! Throw yourself into the deep, with faith, hope and love. The whole of creation stands on tiptoe for the sons and daughters of god to be revealed! Let go and let divinity be revealed through you and I! Be here, be now! Be love expanding and expressing itself, be fully you!

How well do you know you?


How well do you play the role of the observer, not the observed? Are you a human doing or a human being? Are you on auto-pilot, or are you present in this moment called now, fully aware, fully awake and fully conscious?

Have you ever been driving your car with your mind on some other pressing matter, making the same journey you make every day. Then, suddenly you think to yourself “How did I get here?” There were roundabouts, traffic lights, the regular land-marks but you don’t remember passing them today!

Our lives can be like that! We can be too busy doing what we are doing, that we forget who we are. The thing is, when we are fully present we get clear choices as to whether we do the same things, the same way as we always do them, or to take a different route.

Are we just our habits or are we in control of our actions on a moment by moment basis? Ecstasy is knowing who you are and why you are do what you are do!

Lifting Our Eyes and Hearts


As we climb up the mountainside of our lives, reaching higher; may our feet be on solid ground, but our head in the clouds! May the path we take constantly be leading us upward to love!

Love is the highest form of human existence, we must choose love above everything else, including our own wishes. Love is where we came from, and our highest and ultimate destination. To set our sights on anything less will make our existence meaningless.

Metaphorically speaking we need to put on our hiking boots and seek the best views available, the higher up we can go the better! Let’s lift up our eyes, lift up our hearts, put a smile on our faces and see exactly what our commitment to love can create!

The Value of Smiles and Laughter


Today I want to speak about the restorative and curative value of laughter. Charlie Chaplin wrote a beautiful song called “SMILE” and it has been recorded by many people who wanted to identify with its lyric.

If smiling is observed by Chaplin to be such a great coping mechanism for life, I am sure he would agree that laughter will lift you even further. People say: “One day, you look back at this moment and laugh!” I say: “Why wait? Do it now and get it over and done with!”

Babies need no reason to laugh or smile, they just do it! I suggest we join them, the best laughter is induced by not hearing a joke, but hearing the laughter of others. If you don’t believe me then listen to The Laughing Policeman:

You Are Powerful!


Yes, you are all powerful! You can control the entire universe; your entire universe! You are capable of silencing the negative voice inside your head! You can therefore construct your entire reality! Nothing in your life has a meaning, until you give it one!

Every moment there is a choice between negativity and positivity, when you are representing the facts of what has just happened to you! We MUST believe we live in a friendly universe, or we are on a hiding to nothing!

Remember; we created this dualism, just to enable us to play this game from the safety of heaven, where we are surrounded by love! There’s up and down, right and left, inside and outside, positive and negative, in this illusion of reality!

Whilst we are here, the way to navigate the game is by returning in our hearts and minds to the love which negates the fear that the game keeps pretending to scare us with. So fear less, love more; be here now!

The Great Quantum Entanglement


In this great quantum entanglement of life, we are both the created and the creator! We know and yet we have chosen not to know. We have great power and yet we appear to have set this power to one side.

We are everywhere and yet we have chosen to spatially locate for our three-score year and ten. We are eternal and yet we have placed ourselves here in time and space, just for the ride, to experience this wonderful thing called life!

The universe is on our side; for in truth, we are the universe! We are the sentient observers of all that is and without our observations none of it exists. So, before you return to the quantum singularity of the oneness, take your time to enjoy the ride! This is a friendly universe of our own creation.

Fear less, love more! Be here now!

The Long Journey Into Oneself


Life is a journey, but the most wonderful journey you and I will ever take, is the journey into ourselves. The inner world is far larger than the outer world and to believe that which is external is more real than that which is within us is to forget that we are divinity.

Most people have forgotten who they are and the immenseness of their powers. They live in the illusion, that the physical world is all that there is, and as a result feel fearful and powerless. This is a strategy for disaster!

Unless and until you and I decide to make the effort to go within, we will never discover that the world of so called reality is an invention, a creation, of our making, along with the help or hindrance of those who you live in closest proximity to!

GO WITHIN! We are the evolving universe, coming to terms with ourselves! We are the creator individuated in the time/space of now/eternal and it is from that space within us that we will find our composure and certainty for the path ahead!

Honouring Your Own Divinity


Maybe you don’t see yourself as lovable? Not everyone is happy in their skin. Maybe there is something you did in the past that you just can’t forgive yourself for, or maybe someone told you something about yourself that you accepted as true, and now you can’t eyeball yourself in the mirror?

No one is perfect, but everyone is lovable, and that includes you! All mistakes are forgivable! A mistake is just that, a miss take; like in making a movie the director would shout “Take two, please!” If you get it wrong at the first, second, third, etc attempt, you’ll get it right this time!

We were all “made in the likeness and image of God” according to the bible, and as the hymn-writer put it, when God looks at us “He looks and loves his image there!” It’s time we did the same, it’s time we honoured our divinity, and loved that person each of us calls me!

Who Are You Really?


The ego is the false self, it is always seeking its own way out of fear! It is part of the construct of the temporary perceived separateness of this present duality. The truth is that we are one and that only love exists!

If you can quiet your mind and listen to your heart long enough, you will know the truth of this statement and that truth will set you free! I, me and mine are all, when expressed by the ego, the expressions that bring pain and sadness into our individual lives!

We are here to celebrate individuality and to find joy in the illusion of our separateness; not to cause hurt, but to find new ways to love! When that becomes clear we can be at peace, recognise the place in each other where we are one, and let go of the false self.

Ownership is an illusion that divides us. Our personal desire for recognition stops us from playing our true part in serving others. The false self when it is placed over and above the desire to be love, will cause the one asserting their wishes pain!

Be an individual, live out your own life, but do it with love, allow others to be themselves too, and remove the E and let it GO!