The Eye Is The Lamp To The Soul

The eye is the lamp to the soul, if you look deeply into the eyes of another, you will meet their depths! But what of your eyes and mine? What do your eyes reveal about you, what do my eyes reveal about me? What would you or I see if we met with each other there, for a more than just a moment in time? What would you or I see if we looked into the mirror at our own eyes? Is love or fear to be found there? I ask you to consider choosing to seek love and to become ambivalent to fear, and I will seek to do the same. May love always remain there, and be found in your eyes and mine!

What Do You Have In Your Hands?

What do you have in your hands?

I believe that which we hold there is, in reality, our own lives! We can keep it for ourselves or we can share it with others; we can let it slip through our fingers or we can positively hold it for a while and then when we have considered its value, give it to others. We mustn’t ever forget to keep our hands open to receive, so that we have more to share. How much of the preciousness of life is lost on you? How long before you realise what you have in your hands?

In The Depth Of Your Night


In the depth of your night – in the dark tea time of your soul, do you see the stars?

Do you see the glory of the heavens, the brightness of the Milky Way?

Do you realise that soon the sunrise will be here and that all that you fear will seem less troubling as the day light begins?

I challenge you and I to be at peace each night and look up, and if all that you can see are clouds, remember the beauty that lies beyond!

There may even be a full moon shining, just look heavenward with your eyes and with your soul!

You Are The Prism!

You are the prism – through which others see refracted light and love. It is through your personality and idiosyncrasy’s we all experience a little more of the divinity that fills this world.

You need to shine like a star, for it is of stardust you are made. Bathe us all in your light and your love, that we might see the path ahead for us a little more clearly.

Be yourself! Don’t be afraid to take the big decisions of your life! You are divinity, there is no right or wrong way for you to be!

All roads will take you where you were always meant to be. Trust the process, be at peace. God is love and He shines his light through you, She shows her love by you being you, like only you can!


To be fully yourself, to enable the love and light of creation to shine through you, I’d love to become your Coach/Confidante/Mentor for you to journey with me through a weekly/bi-weekly course over the next three/six months, to find lasting peace in all the different and changing circumstances of your life.

Please call me if you live in the UK on 07931 582 485, message me at Facebook or email me at “” so that we can begin together to make the rest of your life, the best of your life.

Love … Just Love!

Love – just love!

The beauty of the sunset, the gentle lapping of the waves on the shore. The warm reds and yellows that surround. There is nothing better than the delightful feeling love writes on the shifting sands of our lives. Drink in all the pleasures of the day, the exquisite scenes the evening sky brings and know the love that surrounds you and I in the depth of the night. Life is to be treasured, don’t miss out on one drop of the ecstasy that nature lovingly displays to us every day!


Contemplating – considering a better world, for me and for you. A life where the beauty within is seen without. For people like me and you to recognise the love that’s lying there. We must give expression to our love, for it is the strongest part of us. Love can accomplish anything! Fear debilitates us all, so focus on love and thrive. Be the personification of love you were sent here to be and joyous our meetings along the way will be!

The Waves Are Waiting!


The waves are waiting for you and I
Life has equipped us to ride them
And yet we choose to stand at the water’s edge
On the safety of the sand
We are meant to participate
To ride the waves
To buffet the storm
To end the struggle
And dance with life
The breeze whispers to us
Come on in the water’s lovely
Remember there are no failures
Only learning and accomplishments
Trust the process
Live your life
Stop standing on the edge
Your life and mine was meant to be lived!

The Rain Pours Down …


The rain pours down heavily, bouncing on the pavements and sidewalks, Gloom surrounds, Heads down sheltering under umbrellas almost not fit for the task, Life’s like that, will the winter ever end, But you … you stand out, you shine, Under your red umbrella the world is glowing, In your heart you sing a happy song, Despite the misery that surrounds, We should all be like you, And learn how to glow, and show … sunshine on a rainy day

Now Is Your Life and Mine …

170208 NOW

Now, is your life and mine in a moment, Now, is all there is, was and ever will be, to miss this moment called now, by considering the past or the future, with more than just a passing nod, is to miss your own life, And not be fully present in it! Breathe in deeply, exhale slowly, Taste eternity in a moment, be here now, Inhabit this moment with me



170207 almost sixty

Take me to the beach
Let me breathe in the sea salt air
Let me hear the crashing waves
As I contemplate my life there
Let the wind blow in my face
Let me feel alive
Oh the beach, the beach
Is where I’ll always thrive