Almost Sixty Years On

It’s taken me almost sixty years to realise that the person that matters most in my world is me!

I have always put others first and disrespected my own wishes in the process. Self-less men are to be admired and yet to never take authority for your own life is a mistake.

You are the supreme ruler in your own life, the chief chooser and outcome getter in your life. You have the power to get what you want, you just don’t have the power to make anyone else do what they don’t want to do.

Celebrate your own autonomy and individuality, but don’t forget to allow others to be themselves and do the same!

Where Is Your Happy Place?

Where is your happy place?

Mine is the beach, I always dreamed of a time when as an adult I would take a beach holiday. I liked the idea of being grown up enough to get on a plane and “fly to the sun” and spent a week or more doing nothing and soaking up the delights of lying on the beach lounger or even a hammock.

Truth be told, in all my adult life I have spent just one idyllic day like that on a beach in North Wales. Holidays have always been about me driving, discovering new places, going to the Zoo, visiting castles and stately homes.

This year, almost sixty, I’m going back to North Wales and weather permitting spending as much time as possible on a beach! Don’t put off your dreams another moment! Do them today or at least plan them, before your life runs by you!

It Really Is A Challenge

It really is a challenge to stop being all the things you and I were told and continue to be told that we are and to get to the essence of your soul, and what you are without all that background noise. It is my belief that the journey we are on was discussed with us before we arrived, and that we decided to go for the life path we are on and to some extent helped to design it with life/energy/god/ the universe itself. That there is a purpose for your soul and mineĀ in this life time and I believe if we search deeply enough we can and will know what the journey we are on individually is all about, before it ends.

What The Pyramids Tell Us

The Pyramids tell us of the skill and ingenuity of human beings of four and a half thousand years ago, human civilisation has endured many centuries! And yet … this is but a twinkling in time compared to the four and a half billion years that Mother Earth has been here. The Earth herself is only around a third of the age of the Milky Way, its time to laugh at triumph and disaster and with Rudyard Kipling “Treat those two impostors just the same!” Smile at your troubles whatever they might be today and remember the passing nature of them and us all. Instead, be love!

What Is Your Heart Full Of?

What is your heart full of?

I hope it is full of love and light. I hope that your heart and mine overflow with energy that can light up the sky as high as the heavens above! I pray that our love may colour that same sky with bright hues of the best humanity can produce. May the darkness never find its source in your heart or mine. May fear and hatred never take hold of us despite the darkness that may surround us; instead let us shine with love divine!

Life Is A Dance!


Choose your partner wisely, not everyone can hear the tune. Some prefer to dance to a different tune to the one you’d like to dance to. Dancing alone is possible, but together is better.

A sense of belonging is one of the gifts of the dance. The universal dance of energy, protons, electrons and neutrons create the nucleus of all atoms. Life vibrates, stillness is death.

Let us all enjoy the dance of life!

A Brighter Future Ahead


The bible says “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man, what God has prepared for those who love Him!”

There is a brighter future ahead, but we need faith to believe it will happen. We have to be daring enough, with that faith, to walk right into it, to speak it into existence; even as we have been taught that God spoke universes into being.

Don’t just dream your future reality, flesh it out, make it happen! Like the Psalmist of old believe you will see, the glory of the Lord in the land of the living! Let your faith not only be of: pie in the sky when you die, but also: of cake on your plate while you wait!

As Without, So Within!

As without, so within!

The majesty and splendour of the universe is not just something to behold, it is something to be. You are the observer and the observed, the universe is in you and it is you!

You are not just part of the cosmos, you are the cosmos and are one with it! Separateness, individualism and the ego are all the illusion of duality! It is time for you and I to realise we are divinity personified and we and the creation are one and the same!

What Lies Ahead?

What lies ahead?

What future are you imagining? Do you walk there with trepidation or excitement? Do you see darkness or light, blandness or colour? I believe there is a rainbow cornucopia ahead, that as we live we grow in wisdom we are able, as a result of that, to find more juice in the life that lies ahead, than we’ve known so far! Yes, as always with rainbows, there will be sunshine and showers, but oh, be sure not to miss, the beauty of those colours!

Are You Grounded With Reality?

Are you grounded with reality?

Do your feet touch the earth each day? Have you protected yourself from such an experience? Do you live in the concrete jungle, do you always wear something on your feet? Go out into nature, take off your shoes and socks and let your feet touch reality. This man-made world we live in, can stop not only your body but also your soul from touching reality.