You’ve Been Freed

you've been freed

Written and © Copyright 2006
By Andrew Paul Smith 05-04-2006

Focus on achievement
Focus on a plan
You know where you are going
It’s to help your fellow man

So it’s time to know gladness
Say goodbye to sadness
And believe don’t deceive
Just receive all you need you’ve been freed

It must be a challenge
To make inertia where there’s none
But before you get much older
Your momentum will be strong

Your dreams and your desires
And all that they lead to
Are now moving in your direction
There coming home to you

Much more certain than maybe
You haven’t gone crazy
Your faith has come to rescue you
And you will, you will follow though



Written and © Copyright 2004
By Andrew Paul Smith 20-07-2004

You’re slipping slowly backwards
Looking to the dawn
To the time or to the moment
When nothing was forlorn

You fill your mind with images
Of joy beyond belief,
Of people in a state of ecstasy
With nothing more to grieve

Around them and above them
Life and laughter flow
More than they imagine
Truly now they “know”

The moment of beginnings
When the circle is complete
Will be the way all things will end
When the light transcends the heat

Of course you have the answer
Before the questions asked
Nothing can be hidden
From the one without a mask

So open up your heart
Embrace your spirit’s cry
For your life can be forever
Don’t let heaven pass you by

Passion, Purpose, Perseverance


Written by and © Copyright 2006
Andrew Paul Smith 07-04-2006

To experience life in a meaningful way
To know deep contentment at the end of each day
You have to live with passion
You have to care what happens
The meaning that you give to each moment
Must fill you up and make you less blunt

Passion purpose perseverance
To achieve your goals
Means that right in the here and now
In mind body spirit you’re whole

If you have a plan if your direction is pure
If there’s nothing you won’t give then you can be sure
That you have a purpose
That you have a surplus
You’ll know the joy of giving
You’ll be juiced up by living

A decision to never give up what ever comes your way
A wondering searching determination despite what others say
It surely will be noticed your persevering heart
That success will follow you to the end right from the start
You’ll stay the course achieve your goals you’ll be a guidepost to each one
Of how to realise your dreams and know that life is fun

The Greatest Impediment


Written and © Copyright 2016
By Andrew Paul Smith 08-05-2016


You alone are consciousness!
All thought solidifies
The no-thing-ness that exists
Beyond our senses five

Alive but not perceiving
The ego’s trap ensues
Day by day it dulls the sense
Of everything that’s you

Awareness of the space between
The desires of your script
The way others have taught you to behave
Prevents your essence to exist

Choose to escape from reason
From the emotions of this world
Transcend the dualism
Let your spirit be unfurled

The greatest impediment
Which stops you from being
Is all the things you think about
All you touch, taste, smell and are seeing

So go beyond the pettiness
Of I, and me, and mine
Let your spirit dance so high
And enter the sublime

Dreams Come True

silhouette of a girl

Written and © Copyright 2006
By Andrew Paul Smith 13-04-2006

Massive action plan
You’ve got to understand
To bring your dreams your way
You got to be determined every day

A route that you must take
Requires staying awake
Aware of everything around
Sight touch smell and sound

You can taste the victory
Of living in the reality
Of all your dreams come true
It’s about to happen to you

Keep faith keep trusting on
You’re heading where you belong
You’ll see the Promised Land
It’s time to understand

All the routes you’ve travelled
Up or down before are now levelled
You’ve reached the higher ground
At last true life you’ve found

The Magnificence Of Your Soul


Written and © Copyright 2016
By Andrew Paul Smith 03-05-2016

Beyond all knowledge
Beyond all thought
Your divinity is you
You are imperceptible
You are the formless one
You are the highest

You need take no action
There is nothing to do
You are perfection personified
That which you are
Imagined galaxies
Created life, predates time

In your formlessness
In your being
In your breath all exists
Beyond you there is nothing
Nor ever will be
You are the essence of all

You were never born
You will never die
You are the great spirit
The formless one
Clothed in humanity
I see you, I am you