Written and © Copyright 2010
By Andrew Paul Smith 04-10-2010

Happiness depends on what happens
Whilst joy comes from within
So what puts a smile on your face
From where do you get your grin

Have you found contentment
Or has it so far eluded you
Are you really happy
Have you got a clue

Do you control your emotions
Can you clearly see
That you are responsible
For filling your life with glee

You can choose to be happy
If you focus on the good
Instead of blaming others
For not doing what they could

So put a smile on your face
Instead of that frown
It’s time to take your sadness
And turn it upside down



Written and © Copyright 2006
By Andrew Paul Smith 30-08-2006

When others are projecting
Their values onto me
I don’t mind their accusations
Because I want to see
The veracity of what they say
To know if there is proof
And of their observations
If there’s any truth

The filters we all use
To explain the here and now
Instead of just frustrating us
Can help if we will bow
To the logic which is simple
The past has coloured our today’s
And what may seem real to us
Could be a case of mistaken identity

Majoring In Minors


Written and © Copyright 2010
By Andrew Paul Smith 19-09-2010

Are you majoring in minors
Are you just on the run
Are the things you’ve taken on
Mean you haven’t begun
To make the impact with your life
That you intended to
It’s time to drop the distractions
It’s really up to you

There’s no one else who can do it
You are the only one
That can turn your life around now
Make everything such fun
And soon you’re no longer compelled
To jump through hoops pre-set
By others who don’t have in mind
The life you’d like to get

Take life by the scruff of the neck
Decide what it’s about
Make sure that your direction is
Where there’s for you no doubt
Do only things that excite you
The ones that give you juice
And major in your majors now
And take back your lost youth

Imagination Over Knowledge


Written and © Copyright 2006
By Andrew Paul Smith 08-12-2006


Imagination over Knowledge
That’s what the great man chose
The secret of the universe
Revealed in Einstein’s prose

For it is what we think about
Everyday, that we become
A joyous life, contentment
Is yours when you’ve begun

To focus your attention
On the things that you desire
And not the things you don’t want
That lead into the mire

You’ve attracted all that’s in your life
You’re the author of today
If there’s anything you don’t like
Just look the other way

Imagine the life you’ve dreamed of
Concentrate, intend and know
Your success is in your thinking
It’s time to let it show

Love Will Be Your Hallmark


Written © Copyright 2016

By Andrew Paul Smith 15-04-2016

Our mother tongue and those we have learned
All express our thinking
Our feelings and beliefs
Eloquence of expression though
Needs eloquence of hearing
The words you use to describe
The concepts of your imagination
May not correspond to mine

Over 600,000 words in the dictionary
All clearly defined there
And yet my vocabulary stretches
Only to about 25,000
Most of us use less than 2,000 different words
In our regular conversations

We speak best from a place of love
Even when misunderstood
When the language we use
Doesn’t reflect the use of vocabulary
Of the listener
If we speak from heart of love
Then we still communicate well

I have spent many hours disagreeing
About words & ill explained concepts
What a stupid waste of time!
Love doesn’t need an explanation
It is easily understood
So speak love and be at peace

Don’t spend time expressing anger or fear,
Spend your time feeling and expressing love
And after all isn’t that who you are?
Who you were always meant to be?
And who you would like to be remembered as?

Move on from the conflicts of your life
Imagine the you that you want to become
Hold that vision fast
And love will be your hallmark
And your life will be a fulfilled one
Love is the answer!

Your Future’s Here To Stay


Written and © Copyright 2006
By Andrew Paul Smith 24-05-2006

Don’t desert your action plan
Know you will know you can
Make small steps every day
Then your futures here to stay

Celebrate achieving minor goals
You’re on the way to being whole
Body mind and spirit juiced
On the world you’ll be set loose

People will look at you and dream
You’ll be the cat that got the cream
They’ll know that they can do it too
You’ll be the one to see them through

Inspiration you will be
To all around who can see
The life they have can be transformed
Help them buy back the dreams once pawned

You need to keep on keeping on
Don’t let your focus wander off
The determination to succeed
Will prove to be your greatest deed