The Phoenix


Written and © Copyright 2006
By Andrew Paul Smith 26-04-2006
Like the phoenix from the ashes
You’re the bird once dead that soars
Above the circumstances
Of the problems that were yours
That attitude you have displayed
Since the firing of the gun
Has helped you have the determination
To start as you mean to go on
Keep planning and persuading
Keep believing don’t have doubts
That the certainty you’re feeling
Will turn your life about
You need a testimony
That shows you’ve lived out your advice
That the one who is now speaking
Hasn’t lived by the roll of the dice
So stand up and be counted
You’ve waited a long time for this
It’s time to show what you’re made of
And to greet each day with a kiss

Love and Hate



There are many forces at work within the human world, many agendas and firmly held beliefs as to the best way for human society to emerge and evolve. There are those whose actions inspire light and those who bring darkness upon their fellow human beings.

I believe the majority desire a peaceful world for their children and grandchildren to grow up in. They believe that tolerance of other’s ideas and choosing love over fear, is the best way forward for us all, and that compromise and diplomacy trump the weapons of war.

Sadly there are others who are willing to use their bodies as weapons to bring sadness and destruction to innocent lives in the vain hope that their philosophies will ensue. And yet … each time such atrocities happen we see a beautiful outpouring of love.

The rocky road we’re on leads to the best in us and not to the worst. It is extremely sad for those whose lives are torn apart by the actions of a small number of misguided souls. So, what should be our response to such events?

3005 Love Revolution

We must hold fast to the principles of a revolution brought about by love, not one motivated by or responding to fear! As we hold love in our hearts, even for the misguided, we will experience a world defined by light and not darkness.

Darkness has never understood the ability of light to completely remove it, and hate hasn’t EVER overcome love’s powerful nature! I am a proponent and activist for love and light; you may think I’m naive, but I hope for the sake of the world’s children you’ll agree.



Walking Into Sunlight

1916489_1718705265076470_3445944611457553070_n (1)

Written by and © Copyright 160321 Andrew Paul Smith

The darkness behind you
The sunrise is here
No longer you worry
No longer you fear
You’re walking in sunlight
The shadows behind
One demand is made
To yourself to be kind

Freedom is yours now
Imagine it’s so
The past is now over
It’s time to glow
Walk on water
So others can see
You’re above your circumstances
You’re finally free

See the beauty within you
You can make waves
You’re the one person
You can surely save
Not a care in the world
As your future complies
To all you desire
And that’s no surprise

You were always able
To choose sun lights path
But the decision’s now made
There’s no going back
Sunlight surrounds you
Vibrant you are
Filled with desires
That will take you far

Splashing through the waves
Of potentiality
Collapsing them all
To the particles you see
Your own quantum journey
Now aware and awake
Your own personal universe
Where you decide your fate

Poem For Mankind

mankind poem

Written and © Copyright 1973
By Andrew Paul Smith 25-11-1973 (Age 16)

We go through our lives and we try to find
The right way to treat others but alas we are blind
We cannot see the way to which peace leads
And unable we become to accept each other’s creeds

It really shouldn’t matter the way in which we think
Through all the world religions
With study you’ll find a link
And soon the Christian is a Muslim
And a Buddhist and Hindu too
No longer can Jewish people be called the chosen few

If we think no longer of separate ways of living
One day we may find ourselves to each other giving
Happiness and peace and all things thought good
And from this initial planting
Would grow an eternal bud

A new religion to which everyone could belong
And from a basic belief would grow a lasting song
Which everyone would sing and raise to God on high
The praise that He deserves
From righteous men but why

But why can’t we believe in what I’ve just said now
And brush away the thought and pain
From the thinking brow
Get down to living with our fellow men
Finish all the fighting and live in peace again

Hold On To The End


Written and © Copyright 2006
By Andrew Paul Smith 17-05-2006

Don’t focus on the pain
There is nothing there for you to gain
Don’t think about the past
It’s hurt and grief won’t last
You are strong

Your nightmare will be over in a while
It’s not your love that’s standing trial
You’re willingness to remain
Through the clouds and heavy rain
You haven’t cried in vain

Your vulnerability your lack of certainty
But still tenacity, to hold on to the end
Shows a heart so true, why should you be blue
With all the love you hold inside

Its time to walk away each dog has its day
Your spirit has endured and now it is pure
Your life from now on will be
A joy ride that you’re on
The clouds will melt the storm is gone

Focus on the now focus on the how
The universe has its plans for you
Your friends will get you through
You can survive
You will survive
Your love is true

Life’s Ambition

150910 iPhone Pics 015

Written and © Copyright 2006
By Andrew Paul Smith 03-11-2006

When we know our purpose
We can soldier on
With passion and endurance
We know that nothings wrong

The difficulties that we face
Are merely trials we accept
To achieve our life’s ambition
Means that we are blessed

The salmon up the stream
Has a mission to complete
Its determination’s not in question
Only death means its defeat

When or if we’re questioned
Why we continue as we do
When we know our purpose
We know no other point of view

A lifetime’s commitment
Is no struggle to the end
Who knows their life’s ambition
Is to sing their victory song