“Henry Ford could get anything out of men because he just talked 
and would tell them stories. He’d never say, ‘I want this done!’ 
He’d say, ‘I wonder if we can do it.’” – George Brown

It sounds like Henry Ford was a great encourager and leader. A true leader is someone who is a few steps ahead of you, is on the move and inspires your loyalty by the way he or she speaks to you. They let you know they are with you, they don’t send you off on a wild goose chase, and they want you to do well, so they remain with you till you achieve all that their plans were for you to achieve!

Story telling is something I love to do and love to hear, especially if the one telling the story does it with passion. If they can take you with them step by step, keeping your interest until the story reaches its conclusion and that as it ends some wisdom has been imparted to you, which will help you in your life from that moment on.

Do you know anyone who is like Henry Ford, a great story teller and someone who inspires you to follow them, someone who is on your side, that you can depend on? To have someone like that in your life is a real blessing, to have more than one would be wonderful! Amongst others a Life Coach who is worth their salt, should be aiming to be such a character in the life of their clients.

A few steps ahead of you and yet an inspirer who is truly willing you on to success even on the days when you feel like giving up on your dreams. A Life Coach is someone who holds the flag on the top of the hill, till you arrive their, tired and yet exuberant in the achievement of your pre designed goals.

Love and light to you from Andrew