Recognising The Voice You Should No Longer Value



“Your life is your message to the world. Make sure it’s inspiring!” – Laurence Conrad

Maybe I’m preaching to the converted here? I think I am correct in assuming that someone who visits my personal blog would want to live an inspiring life. I’m guessing that it is that very reason that brings you here whenever you come? One way to make sure your life is inspiring is to read inspirational writings, it’s something I’ve done all my adult life.

However, the reading of inspirational literature or my blog really isn’t enough! You have to MAKE USE of what you’ve read, to help you change your thinking and your actions. My friend and mentor Richard Wilkins tells people that we all have a negative voice inside our heads that isn’t us! He externalises the voice and describes it as “The Script” that you were given page by page from birth.

Richard is quite clear that this voice should become one you no longer value the opinion of. It was always only ever a character you were given to play in life by those who meant well for you (although not in all cases) but never-the-less, they weren’t you! If you had a choice (I’m not saying you have or you haven’t) would you choose to listen to 1).  A negative voice or 2). An inspirational voice?

Although “The Script’s” voice continues to exist in my head since I became aware of it and should I listen to it I still don’t get the outcomes I want. I have now learned that through listening to and reading many inspirational speakers and authors I am able to choose an inspired response to most situations in my life. I’ve learned how to choose to live an inspirational life and so can you. May your life and mine inspire those we meet!