Heartache Or Blessing? You Choose!



“All things work together for good, for those who love God!”  Romans 8 verse 28

I remember hearing a sermon based on Romans 8 verse 28 which reads “All things work together for good, for those who love God!” and the preacher talking, in the context of this verse, about the new bride who had become a widow on her honeymoon. “CRUEL” he shouted from the pulpit!

Maybe today is a day when the last thing you want to read is “Everything is a gift!” You might be saying to me as you read these words of mine “How can you say that to me Andrew on the day when this terrible thing has happened to me?”

Like that preacher from thirty five years ago, I would similarly say there are days when it’s easy to give your agreement to the statement “Everything is a gift!” But, what about the days when a real tragedy has happened in your life, is it equally true that everything’s a gift then?

We all have a choice every day, to either see the events of our lives as a heartache or a blessing. Which will serve you and me the best? Would you prefer to see everything as a gift, or just some things as a gift whilst others as life kicking you in the face whilst you’re down?

Our main desire in life, I believe, is to be happy; therefore I choose to see everything as a gift! What about you?