“Life is about growth! This growth comes about as a result of the problems and challenges that present themselves to us in our lives, and our determination to be over-comers in each and every situation we find ourselves in!

Andrew Paul Smith


“I believe you and I are divinity wrapped in humanity, that we volunteered to live this life that we have, and were sent here to experience a duality of ups and downs away from the bliss of heaven; and yet in some strange way we never left! I believe we have access to the oneness, to our higher selves, to source energy, to God or Humpty Dumpty or whoever we call him/her/it!”

Andrew Paul Smith

Be Brave

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“Chin up, smile on your face! Be brave, face the world as it is, not the way you want it to be; for it is only when you do that, the world will begin to reflect your deepest desires!”

Andrew Paul Smith