Choose To Be A Winner

~Every Day Is Choose-Day

Written and © Copyright 2015
By Andrew Paul Smith 06-02-2015

Choose to be a winner
Take action every day
Even when you make mistakes
Cos life’s a game to play

Break the rules that made you
Not get as far before
Those rules that just dont work
Keep closing the open door

Opportunity is staring at you
So look it in the eye
Make something of your life
Before it’s time to die

It’s time for you to stop
Doing what others say
It’s time for you to become
The one who wins the day

You’ve got to make it happen
Because until the day you do
You will only follow
What others have planned for you

It’s a day of new beginnings
Stop abdicating, be strong
Be determined to complete the plans
That you’ve had all along