Dream Reality! (III) – Giving Yourself Permission To Do Well And To Be Well

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DREAM REALITY! (III) – Giving Yourself Permission To Do Well And To Be Well

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.” – Anatole France

To dream the waking reality you desire into being is similar to you giving yourself permission to do well and to be well. You see, we have always had the ability to control our lives! In fact we have always needlessly fluctuated between being at the controls using them wisely; not using them wisely or we have abdicated control to others, and then blamed them for things that went wrong.

Sometimes we have justified our own actions by saying: “If that hadn’t happened to me I would never have done what I did next!” Alternatively we have said “If this person or that person hadn’t acted the way they did I would have never done that!” And yet we are and always remain at the command centre of our own reality, we can respond we don’t need to react!

When it comes to beliefs, the precursor of our actions we are also in control! It has always been up to us to decide what we believe about anything! This “Dream Reality!” playground that we all live in has never changed! We have always and will always be in control of our own lives. Even when being tortured, people have stated, “You can hurt my body, but you can never touch the real me!

We use our imagination to anticipate what we think is going to happen next in our lives, instead of using it to prepare ourselves emotionally to expect what we want to happen. Therefore, we expect either the worst or a mixed bag of good and bad and then whatever we imagined happens! What we have given certainty to on an emotional level always. always. always, becomes our reality!

We are the masters of our own reality! The salesman, the media machine, the government and some religious leaders attempt to persuade you otherwise. They want you to think their way, rather than independently. They want you to fit in with what they want you to do and be. Just like Pinocchio’s “friends” who got him into lots of trouble, but regardless … in your life you reign supreme!

You have a choice as to whether you believe or not what I am saying to you about my concept of “Dream Reality!” Nevertheless, I ask you which way of thinking and believing will serve you best? Believing that you have no control, some control or complete control of all of your life’s events and interactions? Just pause for a moment and ask yourself: How do you feel about what I am saying?

You must have heard the expression or maybe even used it yourself: “I’ve got a feeling!” It is used by people who are making predictions about the future. What are your feelings about your own future in light of what I have just said? Can it, will it be any different? Remember how many times you have expected people to be against you and then they were?

How many times have you imagined something awful would happen to you and then it did? How long will you allow this to continue? When are you going to begin to expect the best and always give a good meaning to when things appear to go wrong; because if you do, they will! When are you going to see yourself as the hero in your own story, because when you do, you will be!