Be Positive!



“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

To make “The Shift” and even more so to become one who is a “Shift Maker” there has to be a starting place for your journey and that place my friend is right where you are at this moment in your life! We are going to assume that because you have sent for this booklet you are interested in what we call “The Shift” and that maybe you want to make “The Shift” yourself?

If that is so, then you are half way there! So, if this is the right moment for you to make “The Shift”, what has brought you to it? Here we all seem to follow the dictate of that often quoted line: “The one thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history!”

As a human society we don’t seem to learn from our mistakes and yet the brightest minds tell us that: “We will never escape the problems we have created, by using the same mind-set that we did to get them!” We need to escape the rationale that brought us here!

Nothing we have experienced before “The Shift” has worked long term; we soon fall back into our old ways of doing things. We often start off with good intentions, but as it has been said they often lead us onto the road to hell. Maybe you have come to this place of readiness to make The Shift, because you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired?

So how do we do that? How do we enter a new paradigm, how do we make “The Shift” and become healthy and whole? Well, first we need to recognise that we can’t go on making the same mistakes as individuals or as a society and not learn from those mistakes; because this results in us not changing the way we approach things. If we don’t learn this we are condemned to continue going on repeating the mistakes of the past.

Our parents, our teachers, our peer group and society all have a set way of thinking and acting to which they would like us to adopt and comply with. They would say: “Our way has worked for centuries!” but has it? We still have wars, famines, economic unfairness’s where a person can work 40 hours plus a week but still can’t provide for themselves without seeking outside assistance; this is better being described as what it is: wage slavery.

Something has to change, this is a world of cause and effect and rather than the spiritual being a metaphoric way of understanding the matter universe, it is the matter universe (that which Einstein described as: “an illusion however persistent”) which we call “reality”, which is merely a metaphoric representation of the spiritual!

If we want real change we must think of what spiritual actions will be the cause of the effect we would like to see. Now it seems glaringly obvious that if we continue to follow the path of negativity, it will continue to lead us down to wars, famines, wage slavery and the like. This negativity is based on fear, fear of someone taking something that we think belongs to us, it also leads to greed where tons of food rots away whilst people starve, and has us all worshipping at the altar of profit, with all the ugliness that this maligns our society with!

There is a simple answer to all this and that is to BE POSITIVE, as long as that positivity is based on love for our planet and its inhabitants and its eco-structure. It all sounds very grand and yet the only way to effect such change is not on a global level, or a political level as some may think. It does not involve Acts of Parliament or changes to the Constitution, with laws that punish those who don’t comply. It starts within the human heart; it is within touching distance of each one of us at the level of our spirits!

Every single thought can be ego based if we don’t run it past the intuition of our spirit! Ego based chaos is apparent for all to see and it really is time for us to adopt a new way of running our own lives. If all the actions we take are based in the expectation of faith, the hope for a better world and with love for our planet and those around us, we can and will make “The Shift!”

Yes we will continue to be surrounded by those who are operating their lives at the old negative level, but as they see how much happier we are they will want to join us. Their fears obviously scare them into doing more and more things that hurt themselves and those they come into contact with. The darkness of night is always vanquished by the coming dawn, the entrance of light shows up the power of darkness as unhelpful. It is always easier to make our way in the light!

We are habitual creates of the night, scuttling about with agendas of greed, hypocrisy and pain. It’s time to walk out into the light, whatever we have done in the past is really of no consequence, but for the world of men and women to stop repeating the mistakes of the past, we all need to own up and become responsible for the society we have created and begin to replace it with one based in love!

I don’t know what you thought you were about to read when you saw the title of this first chapter of our book, but being positive in a spirit of love is the way to initially make “The Shift” and when you continue on up that path it will enable you to become a “Shift-Maker!” To “BE POSITIVE!” is not only in our own interest as individuals but in the interests of our human society too! Everything begins to get better when the individual changes the way they think, do and are. Are you ready to play your part?

We are approaching the tipping point! There is a mathematical equation that says to get to the tipping point all we need is critical mass and that is 3.142% (Pi) of the world population to Shift the planet into the new paradigm. Here’s to better world for us, our children and our grand-children and like Gandhi said let us “become the change we want to see in the world!”


Love and light to you from Andrew 🙂 ♥

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Just Do It!

taking action

Written and © Copyright 2006
By Andrew Paul Smith 15-05-2006


Just do it just do it
Don’t hesitate please don’t wait
Just do it just do it
Don’t have the fate on one who’s late

Seize the day don’t stop to play
Give your all and see your destiny
Coming to you with a love that’s true
When you give your all you will not fall

The price you’ll pay shouldn’t be delayed
You can have it all please don’t faint or stall
You have a gift the human soul to lift
Believe in yourself don’t stay on the shelf

It’s the day to believe
Believe and receive
No longer deceive yourself
You won’t taste defeat
The universe is calling you
To show a love so true
To determine in all you do
To see it through

Some Personal Reflections On Life Before and After Death

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“He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away!” – Revelation 21:4

Yesterday I shared some words which were written with a particular bereaved friend of mine in my mind. I wanted to say more, but I felt that the final paragraph summed up what was in my heart. If I had continued to write I would have been saying something more than I needed to say. Today I want to say that “something more” and I want you to know it is not said flippantly; as I shared yesterday I have spent many hours in the past 9 years revisiting this subject in my own thoughts.

The subject is: “What Happens to Us and Our Loved Ones When We Die” As I walked away from the hospital with my mother and brother, I felt a strange sense of peace. I had been prepared for the moment of my Dad’s passing from this life so graciously; it wasn’t like the shock our family had when less than three months later my Mum died suddenly of a heart attack. I only speak of these things to put what I have to say into context, I emotionally understand what it is to be bereaved.

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Yesterday I said that in situations like these, FAITH comes to the rescue; the trouble for me at the time was that I wasn’t sure what I believed any more. I was brought up in the Methodist Church, my Father was a Lay Preacher and I followed in his footsteps, starting my training as Home Student by correspondence course, just like my Dad, with local support from Ministers and other Lay Preachers, but eventually attending Bible School for a year starting in September 1979.

Cliff College was a Methodist Bible School which had the motto “Evangelize or perish!” Set in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside, it was the place I met my wife Anne (we have been married 32 years this April) and I also met many people who like myself took their Christian faith very seriously. In that year my FAITH became very strong, Cliff College acted like a greenhouse and helped with the spiritual growth of its students and staff.

003 Quote2

So, when it came to life after death, I and many of my fellow students, if not all of them, had got our afterlife theology sewn up, nice and neatly. Being evangelical, we believed that those who accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour had moved from death into life, from a life of sin into the full fellowship of the grace of God. We had taken on the Great Commission to “Go out into all the world and preach this Gospel!”

This Good News is that people who ask for forgiveness through the death of Jesus would be forgiven and saved. Mine was the almost fundamentalist view, which those who died without Jesus in their hearts were going to a lost eternity. I don’t think I ever preached “hellfire and damnation” but I did take it seriously and felt personally responsible for those who I had shared the message with that had rejected what I had told them.

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Theory is a wonderful thing! Theology is like any other subject, merely an academic pursuit of the mind, but life is its own teacher! After leaving Bible School, I spent the next ten to fifteen years of my life having various roles within the life of the evangelical church and although I found much joy, long term despite giving it all I got, I left disappointed and bewildered in the mid-nineties.

Since then I have been re-considering all of the events of my life both inside and outside the life of the church. My parents deaths have helped focus on my own mortality and yet I am not disappointed, bewildered or fearful now as I consider my own departure (hopefully many years from now) from this life. I believe that I have found a common sense solution to the conundrum, of what happens beyond this life, well enough to satisfy my own aching and longing for an answer.

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As you can see I am a man of many words and deep thought and yet the answer to what happens to us and those we love when we die is simple and straight-forward. I could use many words to express my beliefs and maybe in future articles like this I will; but for now I will say this.

Life goes on! For me, love is the focus of this life and of the one to come. There is no wrong or right way to believe in love, love just is! Love is eternal and we ourselves are its expression and we like those whom we have known, loved and lost (beyond the veil) will never die! This life is a journey in duality, where we can experience something other than love, but we will return to that perfection from which we came, having grown experientially and able to share our journey with our loved ones.

Love and light to you from Andrew 🙂 ♥

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Is Love And Light Really The Answer?



“The tragedy of life is not death … but what we let die inside of us while we live!” – Norman Cousins

We all know someone who has recently been bereaved; maybe as you read this that person is you?

When we hear of someone losing a loved one, it brings back memories to us of the times we have been bereaved too; and although time is meant to be a healer, it is not always the case. The person whose bereavement seems to be lasting longer than we think it should are said to be: “Out of their minds!” I want to echo those words and give them a new meaning today; yes they are “out of their minds” that is because they are: in their hearts!

They say it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all; but isn’t it true that when bereavement draws a veil between us and our loved ones they are not really gone at all? Yes, they are physically no longer present, we are no longer able to hold conversations with them, not even over the phone and yet they remain in our hearts! At times like these, we withdraw from the physical world, we go “out of our minds” to find the solace we need – in our hearts!


Since my father died (14 DEC 2004) and then my mother just a few short months later (6 MAR 2005 – Mother’s Day here in the UK) I have been trying to find a logical way to understand what happens to our loved ones “beyond the veil.” It’s like trying to solve a mathematically problem with a knife and fork, to think your way out of this conundrum. I find the best time (and the most scary time too) is just before I go to sleep at night; but it is like chasing the wind.

There is no logical answer to the question where do our loved ones go when they die. Physically their bodies go back to dust, their thoughts and voices are silent and yet the place to go to be with them is in our hearts! When my parents were planning their funerals they must have thought this through; you see they told us they wanted to be cremated, they didn’t want their ashes sprinkling anywhere, no plaques in the crematorium wall, no entries in the book of remembrance.



On the 27th December 2004 (a day after the Asian Tsunami that took 200,000 lives) I had a problem. I wanted to be near to my Dad and I couldn’t be. I remembered the conversation that both my parents had had with me. They said “When we are gone, we don’t want you going to a grave, we want you to remember us in your hearts, and if you can’t do that, just forget it!” Where could I go to be near him, to be near what was left of him?

Then I remembered that I had been invited to my cousin’s Christmas party; Bev is my Father’s identical twin brother’s eldest daughter and I knew I had to be with her and the rest of my Dad’s twin’s family! I sought my solace amongst the living, not the dead. When I arrived Gerry (Bev’s husband, sadly no longer with us) opened the door and said “Hello Andrew! Have you been to see your Mum?”

The question came because I live 60 miles south of my home town, so Gerry knew I wasn’t likely to just “pop in” on my way past their house. I answered “No!” So then he asked me was I going on to my Mums later, I said “No!” and he told me to come in. Both my Mother and my brother Mark were ill with flu and coming to terms with our bereavement in their own way too. I met my cousin Wendy who being ten years younger than me had only been about eleven when I moved south.



It was our first grown up conversation and in Wendy I found something of that which I had lost when my Dad died. It was as if he had left a bit of himself with her, I couldn’t believe how much alike we were in our thinking, from that day to this we are “Identical Cousins.” I had found an answer to my physical and mental needs of being near my Dad, in my extended family. My mutual appreciation society with my Dad was at an end and yet it had just begun with my “Identical Cousin” Wendy!

It was our first grown up conversation and in Wendy I found something of that which I had lost when my Dad died. It was as if he had left a bit of himself with her, I couldn’t believe how much alike we were in our thinking, from that day to this we are “Identical Cousins.” I had found an answer to my physical and mental needs of being near my Dad, in my extended family. My mutual appreciation society with my Dad was at an end and yet it had just begun with my “Identical Cousin” Wendy!

Like I said there is no logical answer to the question where do our loved ones go when they die? Where does the essence of their life force, their personality, their sense of fun, the joy of life, their spirit go? The only answer you and I can have to this question that will suffice is not a physical or mental one, it is a spiritual or emotional one! Faith, if you have one, will come to the rescue; the answer to the conundrum will be found in your heart!

Love and light to you from Andrew 🙂 ♥

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