Written and © Copyright 2010
By Andrew Paul Smith 11-10-2010


From the minute of particles
To the vastness of outer space
And this is just what’s left over
From the matter / anti-matter race

One percent of all the matter
That ever did exist
Makes up a trillion, trillion suns
And all the planets that persist

Ten to the power of twenty one
Is a conservative estimate of stars
In thirteen point seven billion years
They’ve all travelled very far

And yet on the smallest scale
At ten to the minus twenty two
The empirical laws don’t work
Newton’s physics is in a stew

But if the Boson particle
Is found to be around
Maybe gravity still works
And mass’s work can still be found

But if you go much further
To ten to the minus thirty three
According to Max Plank
There’s nothing there to see

Love Revolution, Get Yours Today!



“I have a dream that one day people will wake up and judge their politicians not by the colour of their rosettes but by the content of their character!” – Andrew Paul Smith

As we fast approach seven and a quarter billion people on Planet Earth it is my contention that there are almost 7.25 billion belief systems in existence! No one sees the world the way you do, that is why we call ourselves “individuals!” I took a political test recently to find out where I fit into the political matrix this survey defines your politics by asking certain question and then you get plotted onto their political views graph.


Was I right wing or left wing, was I libertarian or authoritarian? When I got my result, I was glad to be in the same quadrant as Nelson Mandela, Gandhi and The Dalai Lama, but I must admit to NOT liking being defined! I got an email a couple of years back which assumed my religious affiliation and then went on to vilify me for holding this imagined faith of mine. I felt similarly concerned that I was being pigeon holed (incorrectly too) and then my supposed belief system destroyed in my email box.

Some say our world is being taken to the brink of war in the Ukraine because of the “invasion” of the Crimea by Russia, and yet when I watch RT (Russia Today) News Channel I hear a different viewpoint being expressed. It seems to me that what we should be concentrating on, are the things we agree about, rather than the things which separate us. It is surely most healthy that we are all allowed within our lifetime to express and maybe later change our opinions on as many subjects as possible.


However, to be entrenched and dogmatic about one political party or system over another is asking for trouble. To have religious views which separate “us” from “them” has never been helpful to life on earth. As an Evangelical Christian I wanted the entire world to ask Jesus into their hearts, as a left wing libertarian I could set myself up in opposition to some of the economic and political expression of human beings. I could have a Cold War of my own towards many of my fellow human beings.

As I walked away from the fellowship of the local church disappointed and bewildered, I saw myself in a minority of one. I had previously thought that I was surrounded by like-minded individuals who saw the world the way I did, but I was mistaken. The truth was that we are all in a minority of one and as wonderful as it is to be surrounded by those who agree with our world view, the challenge is this: “To love our “enemies” and to do good to those who hate you and despitefully use you!”


It is good to have opinions, but it is not good to be opinionated! In this dualism we call life for us to hold the views that we do, must also mean that there are those who will see the world the opposite way to us. Rather than finding people who agree with us and at then attempt to take over the world by proselytising and coercing people to agree with us, wouldn’t it be better to find out what are the things we all agree with despite our many and varied opinions?

We were challenged “to owe no-one nothing, except to love one another.” Love is the only universal constant, and the only answer to the world’s problems! We must allow others to have their views on politics and religion; but when it comes to our behaviour, we must find the words and actions that best display love! It seems to be the teaching of all religious leaders and yet their followers end up hating those who don’t see the world the way their faith has taught them it should be.



Narrow mindedness leads to all kinds of tension, hatred and even war; we need to attempt to accept that there is more than our way of seeing the world and that although we may have come to our view in a logical and coherent way, it could be possible to draw other conclusions had we approached the subject being discussed from a different point of view. As the French say “vive la difference” we must learn to celebrate our differences and love those who take a different view!

“Hatred is a form of love!” I hear someone say. Ah well, I think I agree with you, if you mean that hating someone means you are emotionally involved with what they are saying and doing? I am not suggesting that we see hatred and love as two sides of the coin here though; instead I would like you, dear reader, to consider the opposite of love to be fear! What we fear we distrust, but if we can embrace all humanity with love, then our fears will melt away!



Love is the answer; it always has been and always will be! We are all capable of love, not just love for those who love us, but also for those who treat us badly and even make our lives and the lives of those we love miserable. We have tried to live in a world which seeks supremacy for certain religious, political and economic philosophies and each has had their successes and failures; maybe it’s time to unilaterally decided to love everyone (please note I did not say their actions) instead?

It’s got to be worth trying out in your lives and mine, not so we can all agree, but so we can all live in peace and security. If we lead by example, others will follow. Most of us are sick and tired of being told to “do as I say, not as I do!” it’s time to end the pontificating and to become the change we want to see in the world. The answer is love; but you and I are the only ones who can deliver its power to the people we meet. Maybe today you could have your own Love Revolution?”


Love and light to you from Andrew 🙂 ♥

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The world population clock read 7,236,482,400 yesterday when I looked

Manifesting What You Were Sent Here To

What you FEEL NOW, IS what you're going to ATTACT!


“Genius. It is just attention to something specific. That’s all it is. Law of Attraction makes it happen, and so anyone who gives attention to any subject for a period of time will evolve in the direction of that understanding!” Abraham

There has been much recently written and said about “The Law of Attraction.” It was initially through the teachings of Abraham, as brought to us by Esther and Jerry Hicks, this concept first emerged. Later on it was through the movie “The Secret” that the world of self-development became more fully aware of it. “Cosmic Ordering” and the like, have expressed similar ideas and for “Shift Makers” The Law of Attraction is something often alluded to in our conversations.

For those of you that are new to this idea, by all means do your own research but for the purpose of our booklet I would like to share with you my ideas around three aspects of this subject and they are: 1). Following Intuition, 2). Feeling Attraction and 3). Loving Manifestation.
1). Following Intuition

I suppose it all depends on your world view and what sense you make out of your own existence. I believe each human being has a purpose, and that is what makes sense of each life for me. Not just the major events, but the small and seemingly insignificant moments too. It is all like some five dimensional interactive matrix of infinite possibility, everything we do affects everyone else.

And yet we are at the centre of what we call our lives. It may all seem a little haphazard or too complicated to understand, because we only have the capacity to truly understand all that is happening from our own view point. It is my belief that we are essentially spiritual beings having a human experience and that we all signed up for this that life we are now living.

At the point we decided to incarnate here, I believe we fully understood what this lifetime would be about for us. In some cultures this “knowing” is personalized and is spoken of as our guardian angel, doppelganger or daemon. Others talk about this part of us as being the higher self. It is therefore imperative, if such an expression of our being exists that can enable us to follow our intuition or pre-knowing (and not in some random or haphazard way), that we must reconnect to our higher self.

We can achieve this through silence or meditation, rather than waiting for some deeper knowing just to show up when we have a lucid moment. If we still our hearts and ask our higher selves to tell us what is the best path for us to take to achieve our purpose, we will be better equipped to deal with each day as it arrives.
2). Feeling Attraction

As we get down to basics, whether we have connected with our higher selves or not; we do feel attracted to certain people, certain employment opportunities and types of experience, as if such desires are already pre-written into our DNA. This is a cause and effect universe, but we do seem to have a pre-disposition in favour of certain events happening to us, because of our life’s previous history and present trajectory.

We have seen recently with the work at the Hadron Collider that even at the smallest quantum level the once only imagined Higgs Boson does act as a type of glue that brings particles together to form pre-solids. I believe that our thoughts are the most magnetic things in the human world, and that we can effect change to our personal circumstances based on our thoughts.

As if by magic we can create something that didn’t previously exist. Think of Henry Ford and the first mass produced motor vehicle the Model T; Frank and Wilbur Wright and the airplane; and also John Logie Baird and the television to name but three. So it is within our own lives with can begin to attract today the feelings and experiences that were previously unknown to us.

Another way of describing the Law of Attraction is through faith; because with the certainty that this is how things are supposed to work out for us, (a knowing of the higher self,) we can experience our dreams. If we are open to the concept of the Law of Attraction, we can see it and also make use of it.
3). Loving Manifestation

Some of us are scared at our lives taking a twist in a different direction; we are comfortable with what we know. To journey into the unknown, to take on new challenges and to be a risk taker “without the aid of safety net” is not for the timid, that much is true! But think of it, why are you and I here, what caused us to individualize? Surely not to be a replica of anyone else who ever lived!

Manifestation sounds like something from the “Twilight Zone” and yet there really isn’t much purpose in repeating exactly what someone else has done, unless you are playing the part in a play or film. You are here to be different, to experience life in a way that no-one else has ever done before. You are here to leave behind you something that no-one else ever did before!

You should be constantly asking yourself, what is my contribution in the here and now? What would I love to do if I wasn’t scared of stepping out and becoming self-conscious as a result? What is in my heart to do, how can I manifest what I was sent here to be to the best of my ability?

The Law of Attraction not only tells us why things happen the way they do, but also how we can make use of this cause and effect universe to bring about that which we were sent here to add to human life on planet Earth. What is the most important cause you could involve yourself wholeheartedly in? That most surely is your passion! It’s time to manifest your passions through your individuality and to do that which you love from the level of your soul!


Love and light to you from Andrew 🙂 ♥

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Self Love



“Our tendency to point out the weaknesses of others is a way to avoid facing our own shortcomings and areas needing improvement.” – Alan E. Nelson

For us to be able to move “From The Me To The We” and to make the Shift it is imperative that each one of us should first know who the “Me” is. For those unaware of their own true nature it will be almost impossible to make that journey. To move on to the next level of our humanity we must realize the difference between our higher and lower emotions.

The emotional frequency we vibrate on acts as a magnet and will draw more of whatever it is that we emote. The lower emotions should be avoided and any time we feel ourselves being dragged down into anger, jealousy, greed, selfishness, envy, hatred and the like we need to realise that depression, sadness and disappointment must surely follow into our experience.

I recently read about two dogs that went into the same room; one came out happy and waging its tail, the other angry and barking. How could the same room have such a different effect on the two dogs, what did the room contain? The simple answer is that all that was in the room was mirrors and the dogs were only seeing a reflection of themselves. Until we love ourselves, we will never love the reflection of us that we see in the lives of others!

To love ourselves with all our faults is the first stage to loving others! To meditate on the following concepts and how to integrate each one of them into our lives will help us with this journey: Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control (Galatians 5: 22&23). If we cultivate these higher emotions then we will by default weed out the lower ones!

When you look in the mirror what do you see? Do you ever stare into your own eyes and say to yourself “I love you, I really love you!” One man who did this a number of times told his wife that he thought he was developing a kind of schoolboy crush. At first she was alarmed until he told her who he had fallen in love with she said “That’s exactly right we all need to have that love for ourselves!”

Have you ever heard of Thomas Leonard and his “28 Laws of Attraction?” In his preface he tells people to look at the 28 and then to choose just 6 of these “laws of attraction” to adopt. When I saw the list I read “Be Selfish!” and I thought to myself, well there is one I will never adopt! It intrigued me so I went to read it first and what he said was along the lines of: The only way you can ever truly be of help or service to others is by looking after and loving yourself first, and of course he is correct.

Jesus said “How can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye!” (Luke 6 verse 42) a friend of mine once said some people don’t have so much a plank in the eye as a shed on their head!

So we must love ourselves and the spirit of the oneness that resides in us, so that we are prepared to love the oneness in others. This is the meaning of the word Namaste: I honour the place in you in which the entire universe dwells. I honour the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light and of peace. When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are one!

Until we are ready to love ourselves and accept that although we are individuals, we all belong together! Until we know that our consciousness has fully awakened and we as individuals have made the shift, our belonging to the oneness will be in question. The concepts of I, me, and mine will continue to rule in our ego laden culture with all the sadness, anger and destruction that follow them.

To make the shift we need to start to love ourselves in a non-egocentric way; because when we do all life on Earth will benefit! Greed and hunger will be gone not because of the interference of politicians, economists or armies, but because in fully loving ourselves we will have learned how to love each other!
Love and light to you from Andrew 🙂 ♥

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