Breathe, Dance, Love!

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Breathe, Dance and Love! (Some Of My Thoughts From The Beginning Of The Year)

“Are you dancing and being danced with? Are you loving and being loved? Are you breathing? Well if you are you should be dancing and you should be love!” – Andrew Paul Smith

Over the past few days I have been considering the path of me, my family, my country and the whole world as we approach the New Year of 2014 and how the experience of us all can change for the better. I can sum it all up with this phrase: Keep breathing, keep dancing and keep loving!

Breathing is an integral part of being physically alive, the beginning of all life and especially human life according to the scriptures is when god breathed his spirit into the body of flesh he had made “and man became a living soul” (Genesis 2 verse 7) As in the world of particles and waves we oscillate and vibrate our energy in life’s dance. I believe we are sent here to first understand and then express our oneness through love.

I know I have the capability of controlling my breathing and therefore I am able to control my life force and cause it to express itself in all that is it’s highest calling. As I approach the new year I am challenging myself to be more spiritually present in my more passionate moments and to dance with others with love rather than any other lower emotion.

As for my family; I want each member to become more of the person they were sent here to be in this coming year. And whilst I am here, although I do not want to be the guide for the journey my wife, my children and my grandchildren’s lives I do want to play my part in enabling them to think and plan their lives and to offer my insights as they go along their way without feeling any pressure from me to conform to what I want.

I want my family to dance with the circumstances that come their way and to do it all from a motivation of love for the life they have been entrusted with and the lives of those around them.

As for my country; I will be working to open the eyes of those who would take responsibility for the direction we as a nation take in this coming year. I will write about my wishes for the way they might organize the lives of the citizens of this “green and pleasant land” to enable us all to dance happily and merrily together in a loving and caring environment.

As for the world; I am praying and will continue to pray and work for the enlightenment of all people. That human life on Planet Earth will 365 days from now be much more aware of the spiritual (not religious) nature of being. I know I am only a tiny part of the whole, but I do believe in the oneness, the universality of the common purpose of mankind to express love individually and with great complexity all around the world.

So breathe, dance but most of all love throughout this coming year and let us all see ourselves, our families, our countries and humanity grow and mature into those who know the “dance of love!”
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You Are Loved!

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Remain Open to Love!

“Love is the bridge between you and everything!” – Rumi

From the depths of The Oneness to the heart of those beings separated from it by time and space love flows incessantly to lift each life to joy and fulfilment! The individual’s only task is to remain open to that love, for it will never force it’s way into their hearts.

Stay connected, let the life blood and oxygen of the universe (the one song) touch you every minute of every day and never be without its presence in your life. Let all negativity cease and know that love as it knows you!

You are the beloved, so smile and realise just how wonderful and special you really are! You are magnificent, but most of all YOU are loved!
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Let Love Be Your Hallmark


Afore Ye Go

“We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow … and then we return home!” – Australian Aboriginal Proverb.

This life really isn’t it! It’s not the real deal; but sadly for now we have forgotten or we agreed to forget what the truth of our existence prior to coming here or “returning home” is. So here we are on a path which takes in dualism, life and death, joy and sadness, success and failure; to be and to do. Who we are is not defined by anything else except the connection we have to the divine spark, the spirit of the creator and how we personally express that relationship or lack of relationship in the here and now! Let the hallmark of your observations, your learning and your growth be love! 🙂
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Choose Love

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Written and © Copyright 2012
By Andrew Paul Smith 06-12-2012

Love is all that matters
Love is why we’re here
To love and to be loved
All the rest’s unclear

A life we have to live
But what to leave behind
A smile, some joy, a laugh
But mostly to be kind

The hallmark of our lives
The hours and the days
Should only ever be love
In all we do and say

Your life and also mine
Will one day be judged by this
Did we hate or love
Or was it hit and miss

Choose love every time
When choosing right or kind
And fear you will not know
And hate you’ll never find


Infinite Patience Brings Immediate Results




“Infinite Patience Brings Immediate Results!” – Marianne Williamson

What a challenge, if we dare to face it! Are you ready to work on having and displaying “Infinite Patience”? It seems almost an impossible standard to aim at and yet the “Immediate Results” being offered is very enticing!

“I know what I want and I want it now!” seems to be a phrase that sums up our generation here in the Western World. What do we want? When do we want it? Are the type of questions most protest marchers hear being asked often at their rallies.

So what do we desire? Despite what you may think, I believe what we are all looking for in life is not money, possessions, fame or power, deep down inside what each human soul desires is peace and contentment, joy and happiness. We think that those other things will bring us peace, but really they won’t, it is all an illusion. None of the above will satisfy us, but I am sure that peace in our hearts will!

So how do we find peace? I believe we can find inner peace, when we detach ourselves from the outcome of our actions, become independent of the good opinion of other people and are no longer in a place where we need people to act in the way we want them to.

Maybe it is in this context that we should understand these words of Marianne Williamson? I believe that when we truly seek peace, contentment, joy and happiness with all our hearts we will have them immediately, because they are our natural state of being which we have been enticed away from by the illusion displayed by the so called bright lights of materialism.

I also believe that not only when we seek peace in our hearts will we receive that peace immediately, but that anything else we set our thoughts and feelings upon can be ours, of a certainty, when all we desire is this peace for ourselves and for others too!
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How To Leave The Room



To All You Cookie Thieves Out There

“You must unlearn what you have learned!” – Yoda

Yesterday I talked about “leaving the room” the one we have up to now labelled as “reality” a concept that no greater a mind than Albert Einstein declared to be merely a persistent illusion! Today I want to answer a question I was asked which goes like this:

“How do you actually effectively do this (leave the room) when we tend to go back to our default settings of what our parents taught us and how we’ve adapted accordingly to cope throughout our lives?” I ask you first to read Valerie Cox’s beautiful poem (see pic) and when you are willing to accept you are “The Cookie Thief” come back and read the rest of what I have to say.

The first thing we need to do to break the pattern of our previously learned rules about life is to follow the instruction of Yoda from Star Wars who said: “You must unlearn what you have learned!” You need to realize that each belief that each one of us has accepted only holds water because we have found compelling evidence that backs up our present belief system.

The reason why common sense is thought of as such is because by far the majority of people agree about it. The only reason scientific statements can be validated is because of the evidence we have found that supports those statements. The only reason religious belief systems have been accepted down the years is because of people’s faith in what these religions instruct us to believe.

So the strength with which we believe any concept is down to the level of trust, faith and certainty we hold in it! IT IS ALWAYS POSSIBLE TO FIND EVIDENCE TO BELIEVE JUST ABOUT ANYTHING YOU WANT TO BELIEVE! Humanity used to believe, that the Earth was flat and that the Sun, Moon and stars revolved around it. Today membership of The Flat Earth Society is dropping off and you will no longer be burned at the stake for blasphemy for saying the Earth goes round the Sun.

We all need a perspective on life that helps us to grow and advance human society. If you have a desired destination for your life and your “default settings” stop you from getting there; then what you need to do is to find out what those beliefs are and all the evidence you have gathered which helps to strengthen those beliefs and ask yourself this simple question:

Why is this dis-empowering belief I hold and the evidence I have collected for it absolute nonsense?

You see in this dualistic universe there is for every up, a down; for every outside, an inside; for every right, a wrong! So, whatever you believe there must be evidence that proves the opposite to be true that is the nature of our “reality!” Then what you must go on to do is to find evidence to build a new set of beliefs that will take you and keep you outside the room of your present perspective of reality!
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Letting Go And Leaving The Room



Collapsing the Wave

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one!” – Albert Einstein

Yesterday I talked about how our lives are like being in a room that has no doors that open outward and then I went on to remind us all that the magic lies within us, waiting for us to open the door inwards. Today I want to speak about leaving the room. Our possibilities seem limited, we know what we know about everyday reality and it seems unlikely that we can escape our own knowing of what we expect reality to be like. Our perception appears to have us trapped.

Einstein said that “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one!” So, the question must be how do we transcend this thing called reality, how do we LEAVE THE ROOM? My very basic understanding of quantum physics tells me that at the sub atomic level there are only waves and particles.

The wave is a potentiality for things working out one way or another and is sometimes spoken of as “the field of infinite possibilities.” We, as the observer of our lives, “collapse the wave” by deciding how things will turn out. Sometimes we refer to this experience as “déjà vu” and we say “I knew that was going to happen!” Other times we don’t even notice that this is happening, but we still get what we expect and sadly that is not necessarily what we want.

When we are attached to things in our lives working out in a particular way, then maybe we are choosing to collapse the wave in the way we expect it will, based on our own experience and education about reality? So, maybe if we LET GO of that expectation, then the field of infinite possibilities can allow a different particle emerge?

Miracles are the way we describe when something happens that transcends our normal expectations of reality. Do you want to witness miracles in your own life? Well, you need to let go of your own grasp of the Newtonian physical world and have faith, trust, belief, expectation and knowing of a certainty, that the persistent illusion of reality can be transcended and I believe that when you do, you will leave the room!

You are the observer of your life and as such, you are the one that collapses the waves of the Quantum world of waves into the Newtonian world of particles! If you don’t like the way reality is persisting around you, then maybe it’s time to let go and start expecting the miraculous!
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What If?



“What if I could write the story? What if all this ends in glory?” – Alistair Griffin

What if all you ever needed was in fact within you? What if all the struggling you’ve known was an illusion, which you created? What if there was a way of gaining access to everything you’ve ever hoped for and dreamed about? What if it were true that the magic is indeed within you?

You might say, “I believe that potentially I can have, be or do anything I want in this life!” and yet you are someone who is in need of possessions, money, status or abilities. How do we make that connection, how do we become the person we have dreamed of becoming?

What if I told you that the fact that you have imagined a different life to the one that you have right now, is the clearest indication that such a life is possible for you? What if I said that the defining moment of your life is when you decide, when you get the assurance of certainty of knowing, which way things are going to turn out?

Faith works both ways! If you believe you will never live your dream life, then you never will! However, if you believe of a certainty, if you KNOW you will live that life, you are in the process of getting there! I promise! So, what is it to be with you? Faith in things not working out the way you want them to, or the faith that they will?

It’s like you live in a mansion of a 1,000 rooms and yet you continue to allow yourself to be stuck in the room that you were born in. Oh yes, you’ve tried to get out of the room, you have pushed on the walls in the hope that you might discover by chance the door that will let you out. Maybe it’s time to find the way to the other rooms of rich possibility by opening the door inwards, after all that is where the magic is supposed to be!
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On The Road To Awakening

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On The Road To Awakening (A Meditation)

Written and © Copyright 2014
By Andrew Paul Smith 23-01-2014


I want you to take note of the date, time and place where you are reading this article of mine. It is my hope that it will become significant for you, I believe it will, especially if you haven’t already had a moment like this before. Just stop what you were thinking about; maybe make a note of it so that you can return to the cares of your day later without forgetting them. It is my intention to bring you to an “a-ha” moment, a moment of revelation, and then like Archimedes in his bath, you will shout out “Eureka!”

I want you to realise that you are the great designer of your life. You are the one that has been putting all of these experiences together, and unlike what you may have previously thought, none of it was random. Please put your hand on your chest and feel that beating heart of yours. That is what is known by philosophers and spiritual men and women as purpose. You were meant to be here in this moment with me, to enable you to rediscover something you already knew about yourself, and yet it has been hidden from you.

The time for stillness has arrived! The time to let the waters become crystal clear, it’s time for you to gain a fuller perspective on your life. “Think back to when you were a child, Your soul was free, your heart ran wild, Each day was different, and life was a thrill, You knew tomorrow would be better still!” (Larry Norman). It’s time to regain that child-like experience, to know what you knew back then. Your soul is speaking to you; can you hear what is being said?

Religion has often helped people to come to this place, to show people how to reconnect with their soul, but sadly it has been used to help people to be defined as a follower of this or that, rather than to be able you to define yourself. I would like you to consider instead, what would the happy go lucky child, whose love for life and excitement for tomorrow that you once were, make of the person you’ve become? Maybe they would ask you “Where has the thrill of being alive gone?”

It’s time for you to find yourself. It’s time to rediscover your soul; time to see that the purpose of the experience that you call reality, has always been to bring about your own soul’s expectation of heaven on earth; time to realise that most of the things that concern those unconnected with their souls are of little or no consequence whatsoever; it’s time to bring happiness where sadness existed; it’s time to allow yourself to experience joy that is so full that words can’t explain; it’s time for you to experience joy unspeakable.

Just for a few moments let go of all the troubles large and small that have crowded your thinking for far too long; please let them all go. Re-connect with the child-like soul inside you! Have that intention and it will be so. Here in this place of joy unspeakable, the concerns of our thinking seem unimportant, and now it’s possible to feel what life is really all about. It’s time no longer be focus our awareness on what our parents and peers have programmed us to think, but instead to be, maybe for the first time, in touch with how the spiritual oneness feels.

Listen to your soul. Take some time now to reconnect. What questions come to mind? Maybe you’d like to ask your soul, the same life-force that has been engineering all the events of your life to bring you to this present moment “What do you want me to do next?” “What have you been preparing me for?” “How can I use all the experiences of my life to be a blessing to myself, my family, my friends and the whole world?”

Write down all and any answers you receive and come back to this place every day and find what is good for your soul. As you start to think about the world you left behind to approach this moment of awakening, maybe you will find that some of the concerns and problems you wrote down at the beginning of this meditation now seem solvable or insignificant? I believe that having the clarity to enable you to live your life your way, will become a real blessing for you and for those whose lives you touch.

Are You Crazy Enough?



“Common sense in an uncommon degree is what the world calls wisdom!” – Samuel Taylor Coleridge

From early days we have been spoon fed beliefs that don’t serve us, they never have and they never will! What we are taught is thought to be for the benefit of society, for social cohesion, to help make everyone’s lives more pleasant and yet in many cases the opposite is taking place! We are taught to suppress our selfish desires and yet the best way to live is to live selfishly in a spiritual way. Please let me explain …

I suppose it depends on how you see the world and what your paradigm for desired reality is. I personally think that joy and happiness for everyone is the end goal for all humanity and that the only way to bring about such an experience for mankind is through love. If we loved everyone in the same way we loved ourselves, joy and happiness would be the eternal product for us all!

If happiness is something you want for yourself alone then it is possible (if not likely) that by seeking your own happiness, many other people will be made unhappy in the process! However, if you see that other people are a further expression of yourself, as part of the human race, that in some real way … others are you, then to want their happiness is to want your own! If you seek to bring joy into the lives of others, then what will be returned to you will be joy too!

That is why some say that life is a mirror, and that what you sow, that also must you reap! If we sow hatred of others then what we will reap is destruction for all as can be sadly seen in Syria right now. When we see ourselves as belonging to the whole and no longer separated by conflict and opinion and try to understand why others have taken a different opinion to ourselves, we are likely to be able to find solutions to disagreements that will bring acceptance and love to all the people on Earth.

We don’t need a political solution, or an economic solution to the problems of the planet, we need a love solution! And yet I have been told by my nearest and dearest that to expect all people to accept a love solution is merely a Utopian dream. That love cannot win whilst ever there are opposing views and ego centred people alive, I disagree. I do not think I am crazy to want a “love solution” I think I am being as sane as it is possible to be, that a “love solution” is common sense and will help humanity survive long term!

The only way such a solution can be brought about is by each one of us to stop allowing feelings of hatred to bubble up each time we believe that ourselves or those we care about have been or are being wronged. For a “love solution” to exist and more importantly for it to work, we all need to make efforts to change the world in ways that displays love. We must appeal to the better natures of those who are acting egocentrically, it is the only way to end the greed and meet the needs of all.

To be selfish in a spiritual way is to desire that love wins the day, every day! So my question to you is: “Are you crazy enough to live, breath and act in a way that puts love first?” If you can stop yourself from thinking angry and vengeful thoughts when you are challenged by the words or actions of another in a negative way, then Utopia is nearer; as Gandhi said: “We need to be the change we want to see in the world.”

If you can love at a time your ego is telling you to hate or to be fearful of the actions of others, we are all on our way to a better human race and yes Utopian society. If you think I am crazy, then remember it’s those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world that usually do! I think it is common sense to desire a “love solution.” Are you willing to work towards it with me, by starting a “love revolution” within yourself and to “Cry Freedom” from those spoon fed beliefs that no longer serve us?


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