Dream Reality! (II) – Life Has No Meaning Except The Meaning You Give It

DreamRealityDREAM REALITY! (II) – Life Has No Meaning Except The Meaning You Give It

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours.” – Henry David Thoreau

Here in my concept of “Dream Reality!” I am challenging us all to consider the possibility that we are directing the experiences of our waking lives in a similar way to the way things happen in our sleeping dreams. In those sleeping dreams we are in control of the characters and events and what determines how those dreams play out, good or bad, are our feelings within the dream.

In our waking dream I suggest that what happens in our lives is determined by our expectations and the meanings we give to what people say to us and the events of our lives. What can also help us also in our “Dream Reality!” is when those we meet in this waking dream are not as aware that they too can determine the outcome of events by insisting that their desires will come about.

We must believe that we are in control of our waking dreams, that the characters and events of our lives will always play out the way we expect them to, and to have the certainty that this is the case. This is like any other belief system ever taught, whether it will work for you is down to your belief that it will; that is to say your expectations!

When things do not work out the way that you want them to, your expectation (or faith) can come to your rescue by giving the event or what the person said a different meaning than the negative one that most people have. You can tell yourself that the whole universe is constantly conspiring to bless you and that what has taken place is just a dark place on the way to your personal triumph.

The alternative to believing that “Dream Reality!” works is to believe that there is as much chance that good and bad things will be said to you and that good or bad things will happen to you; alternatively the other way forward is to constantly expect the difficult situation to arise, for people to say upsetting things to you and that you are not in control of your life. Whichever way you decide to believe will determine the interpretation you give to the events of your life.

We get what we believe for; what we expect! Faith always works out, whether it is faith in the negative or the positive! So, to accept my concept of “Dream Reality!” to expect that you can manipulate your outcomes whilst you are awake, will only be of blessing to you, if you are willing to place your faith in the outcomes you want being achievable, realistic and above all certain!

“Dream Reality!” as a concept challenges us to believe for a better life where things will go our way, and where we have certainty that they will. “Dream Reality!” as a command, is what we all do every day if you believe the concept exists. I would prefer you to understand “Dream Reality!” as a command to live out your life in terms of fulfilling your purpose, the destiny you’ve always wanted rather than a wishful desire. However, it’s your life and the meaning, the expectation and the faith you hold are all an inside job.

Dream Reality! (I) – We Get What We Expect, Not What We Want!



DREAM REALITY! (I) – We Get What We Expect, Not What We Want!

“There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask, why? I dream of things that never were, and ask, why not?” – Robert Kennedy

In my introduction to my concept of “Dream Reality!” I told you that I was about to share with you an alternate take on life which I have developed through my recent studies. It has already helped me in the financial area of my life and I believe that if you suspend your disbelief for long enough to make use of my conclusions, “Dream Reality!” may help you in any area of your life.

I am suggesting that in the same way we have control over the events and people that appear in our dreams, we are also able to take control (all be it in a slightly different way) of our waking moments too. There is nothing to lose by running these ideas through your thinking, even if you don’t believe them and you end up rejecting them later, because it will help to give you a new perspective on life.

Many authors and speakers have taught us the value of having what they call a “Positive Mental Attitude.” In my book, positive feelings are much more valuable! The mere repetition of some positive phrase like “I am healthy” won’t bring you to health! What will bring you to a place of health in my view is: when you begin to feel the way you expect to feel once you are healthy.

It is almost like we have twins doing our thinking for us, one always positive, and the other always negative. In this way of seeing things, we need to make sure that the bad twin doesn’t high-jack our thinking. When we listen to our emotions, we will soon know which twin we are listening to.

An example of this could be that taking risks is fine, as long as we don’t allow fear of possible negative outcomes, to take over our thoughts. Mountaineers don’t climb mountains constantly fearful of losing their grip and falling off and it is in this way that they get to the top of mountains and then safely return!

We get what we expect in our dreams and in my “Dream Reality!” concept I am suggesting; that it is the same in with our waking reality too! Sadly we don’t get what we want in this life, so it is important to make the distinction between our expectations and our wants and needs. So the question must be how do we get our dreams to work out well for us?

If we can know how our dreams work out well, maybe we can apply it to our waking life? Well as I have already told you, my conclusion is, that our expectation creates our outcome, and our feelings are at the centre of our expectations. Are you ready yet, to follow the command to dream your reality? I will be back with more insights of this concept of “Dream Reality!” tomorrow!

Introduction To Dream Reality!


Introduction To “Dream Reality!”

All our dreams can come true, if we “have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

A little while ago in an article I wrote called “Running On Empty” I promised you that I would be sharing “how things can and will change for you, as they are beginning to change for me” in the financial area of my life!

I am constantly reading articles and books and through the Facebook Group I run called: “Be Inspired!” I too am being challenged by what others post there. I believe that through my openness to new ideas and the conclusions I have drawn from my recent studies I am now able to share something of real value with you.

Despite what I have to say being applied to my life in the area of money; I believe the series of articles that will follow under this title of “Dream Reality!” will help us all with each and every area of our lives, whether it be Health, Relationships, Career, Money, Spiritual or Emotional. So here goes!

When we go to sleep we dream, and in those dreams we create characters and situations that exist for the purpose of our dreams. The outcome of the dream will always be based on the expectations we have of the way those people will act and how those situations will work out.

We are the authors of our dreams and as such we determine what happens in our dreams. Our scariest dreams are based on our feelings (within the dream) of a lack of control and the good dreams are constructed of the thoughts which we have in the dream, when we feel that anything is possible.

So what I am trying to express by the phrase “Dream Reality!” is that I believe our waking life is a dream too which we will wake up from when we die, with the same “Oh it was only a dream” expression that we use each morning we wake up and can still remember the dream just ended.

“Dream Reality!” is a concept and a command. I want us to first look further at the implications and applications of my statement that “our waking life is a dream too” and then eventually to consider how we can benefit from the knowledge that it is possible to follow the command to “Dream Reality!”

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I’m Grateful


 I’m Grateful

Written & © Copyright 2007
By Andrew Paul Smith 16-04-2007

I’m grateful for my life
I’m grateful for the years
The end to unpleasantness
The end to many tears

I’m thankful for the love
That’s surrounded me always
That’s made me feel so strong
Whatever I’ve had to face

I’m happy and content
For friendship and for trust
For carrying on with self belief
I know it is a must

Whenever challenges came
To myself I have been true
And because of all that’s good
I’m never long term blue

I’m grateful for the past
Thankful for today
Content and happy I am
For all that’s coming my way

Running On Empty




My Dad told me many times “It will all work out, you will see!”

Well his actual works to me were “It’ll all work out lad, you’ll see!” From the day he died until now, I have kept reassuring myself and my family with these words! It’s got pretty hairy at times though I can tell you!

On more than one occasion I have had to remind my Dad by telling him out loud, “I believe it will all work out like you said Dad, but I need you to step in just about now and help if you can from where you are!” It’s when my overdraft is within pennies of its limit, and Anne is days away from her payday and there is less than a gallon of petrol in the tank. My Dad used to quote Mr Micawber, in the Charles Dickens book “David Copperfield” who kept saying “Something will turn up!” and let me tell you it always does!

I am not ungrateful for the miraculous provision of money in these past eight years or so, since I left my full time employment. Although we haven’t had a summer holiday since 2007 or gone to as many music gigs as we used to, our lifestyle has remained little changed in the intervening five years!

I have taken the attitude that my work is spiritual in nature and my belief that being spiritual means not being motivated by the financial rat race. Furthermore I have believed that this is what brings me peace and for this reason I have been genuinely happy to live this way and yet it has become apparent to me that it has cost my family too much and now things must change!

For the first 6 of these 8 years my wife Anne worked two jobs (a total of 51 hours a week) thank fully she only has one now which has made things a little tighter. My daughters have contributed to the family budget (as they should) but they have believed that they can’t move out (the eldest is 28 and the youngest 23) to their own accommodation because of where that would leave our household budget; this is unacceptable.

A little while ago I noticed a few spots of petrol on the ground when I filled up and over recent weeks the spots have first turned into a puddle and now it has become worse, and the filler pipe is about to be repaired or replaced. I can no longer afford to “run on empty” and so I have been examining my beliefs around money and as a result I am about to share with you my conclusions.

I know a lot of my online friends are in a similar situation as where I now find myself, when it comes to money. I am looking forward to sharing with you how things can and will change for you as they are beginning to change for me!


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Spreading The Love Moment By Moment

Sandgate and airport 034



Written and © Copyright 2006
By Andrew Paul Smith 30-10-2006


Arrivals and departures
Coaches, trains and planes
The Station and the airport
A place of love and pain

We greet and meet our loved ones
Say hello and hug and cry
It’s so wonderful to see you
Been too long, how time flies

I’ve watched in joy and sadness
I’ve seen it all go on
Friends reunited and lovers in despair
The height and depth
Of our emotions
All are gathered there
The station or the airport
Is where we show we care

At a time of goodbyes
The silence sometimes deafens
Lovers hug and sigh
“Until we meet again my love
It’s au revoir and not goodbye!”

My thoughts turn to the hospital
Where babes are born and people die
Arrivals and departures
Make us smile and make us cry


As we said our brief goodbyes to my second cousin Katelyn from Canada, at the drop off point in Manchester Airport back in August 2012 I was ok. She had been staying with us for part of her trip to the Smith Family’s Centennial gathering.

And yet as I drove away I saw a young couple hugging and saying their own goodbyes and I started to fill up and choke a little at the thought of people who love each other having to part-company for a while. Only those who love can truly know the sadness experienced in “see you later!”

The arrivals lounge was such a happy place to be in just 10 days earlier, the hugs and smiles of everyone in that place were totally heart-warming! As we said our brief goodbyes I was sad, but that is because my immediate family and I experienced moments in Katelyn’s company that will be imprinted on our souls forever! She was just a name on the family tree and now she is a part of our lives and someone we both know and love!

Not only did we meet up and spend time with Katelyn, but also for the first time we met her sister and fiancée, her aunt (my cousin) and uncle and their three daughters and of course we got to spend time at the family get together with many of my UK based extended family. What a wonderful experience in life is the love we feel for our family, the more we celebrate our love for friends and family the more joy we will know in our hearts!

If you love someone who lives away from you and this post has made you think of them don’t let the next 24 hours go by without sending them a message of love. Make today special for you and those you love!
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“Never Giving Up” – A Second Collection Of Inspirational Poems

Never Giving Up - Second APS Poetry Collection


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If you have liked reading the Inspirational Poems I post on a Friday, you may be interested in purchasing this collection of self penned inspirational poetry called “Never Giving Up.”

In my lifetime I have written over 800 poems and maybe a quarter of them have an inspirational feel to them. This collection was written in a three year period from August 2006 to August 2009.

Here are a further 35 poems written as I emerged from my Life Coach training,  into my work mentoring other new life coaches as a New Insights Master Coach, then coaching singer/songwriters as The Musicians Life Coach and beyond. Many were written as a result of conversations I had with my clients on subjects that were concerning them

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Do You Spread Love?



Getting Rid Of Stinking Thinking

“Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life!” – Leo Buscaglia

Life is filled with ups and downs, bad things happen to good people and other statements like these suggest that we are powerless to affect our own outcomes. They suggest that life is something that happens to us; but life is something we create by all we say, do, think and feel!

My question today is what do you give out? What kind of things do you say? Are they positive or negative? What kind of things do you do? Are they the actions of a lover of your own life and vitality, a lover of those you know and care for, a lover of the people of this world and the environment?

How are your thoughts today? Are you applying “stinking thinking” and expecting the worst, or are you sure that all things wise and wonderful are coming your way? Are your feelings based on love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness and self-control or are they based on fear, self-loathing, hatred anger and the like?

If you accept that life only gives you back what you first give outwards. Then wouldn’t make sense to spread love everywhere you go, by the words you speak, the actions you take, the thoughts you think and the feelings you accept in your heart and to turn away from every opportunity to be negative?
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Open Your Heart To Love

131111 Open You Heart - APS Quote



Written and © Copyright 2012
By Andrew Paul Smith 11-11-2013

Open your heart to love and let it flow through you
Not as a trickle as it was at first
Or a babbling brook as it became
Or the stream that it is now
But as a river in full flow
Till it reaches the sea of the joy of god

Shine your light
Shine it bright
Make daytime of the darkest night
Shine your light for all to see
Your eternal divinity!

Who Do You Love?


You Can Love Those Who Are Mistaken Without Loving Their Mistakes! 

‎”Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at it destination full of hope!” – Maya Angelou

Love is the most amazing thing on Planet Earth! Love has the power to change your life, if you love only the people who love you, then you aren’t going to feel the full impact of all the love that surrounds you!

We only ever receive what we give, so the smaller amount of love you give out, the less you will receive back! There is a wonderful line from a hymn I remember singing as a child; I think it was describing Jesus it said “Love to the loveless shown that they might lovely be!”

If we show love to those who aren’t acting the way we wish that they would, the chances are that they will be touched by that love and become more like the person you want them to be! That’s a bit like saying “If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours!”

You can’t give love without receiving it back; you can’t out give the universe!

So, when someone acts in a hostile way to you either tell them to their face or at least say it to yourself inside your thinking: “I don’t know why you acted that way towards me, maybe you are having a bad day, maybe you have a different (notice not making them wrong and you right) set of rules to me; but regardless of the reason why you have done what you have done, I love you!”

When you have considered what I have just said, then I want you to go to the nearest mirror you can find and look yourself in the eye and say: “I love you! You are worthy of my love and the love of those in your life. You are enough and I will continue to love you despite the human frailty of the mistakes that you make!


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