The Untroubled Heart


We are told that by some that life is complicated, some go as far has having a mental breakdown, due to being so overwhelmed, but it need not be this way! It’s a matter of focus and how full we fill our minds with our unresolvable (at least in the moment) problems.

We worry about future events that may not ever come to pass, or about the most hurtful things people have said and done to us recently and all of this brings us to a place of desperation, sadness and mental torture; and yet there is a better way!

Right now in this moment as you are reading my words, none of the calamities you are concerned about are happening (and may never take place anyway) and whatever that person said or did is already in the past, NOW is not a time for worry or feeling hurt!

All you need to do in this moment is to breather, go on take some deep breaths and as you do hold onto them for a little while, and as you breath out, breath out as if you were blow your troubles away.  Maybe focus on some swaying trees, a bird, a cloud and we at peace.

If you are interested in the soon to be released “Handle On Life” course called “Finding Peace In A Troubled World” and want to belong to a community of “Untroubled Hearts” please email me at “” or call me on +44 (0)7931 582485