Mystical and Magical


When I used to go to church, even though we were “non-conformist” Methodist, there was a certain way we did things there, some called it a “Hymn Sandwich” there were prayers, a children’s talk, bible readings, the collection and of course the sermon all surrounded by hymns, usually five of them.

I know in other churches the ritual involves what we Methodist’s refer to as “Bells and smells” and “Bowing and Scraping!” Other religions do the same kind of thing, it’s a way of reverencing your material world life and concentrating on the more spiritual side to our nature.

When I left the life of the church I felt so liberated, no more rituals for me! Even the word “ritual” itself seemed as ancient and dead as a graveyard back then. But then I discovered I had my own rituals.

There seems to be comfort in doing things the same way each time we do them. It’s the consistency of repetition that makes us feel secure. It’s a way of getting through the day.

Then I discovered that not only could I sub-consciously create my own rituals, but consciously do so too and add reverence to the process giving them a mystical, magical almost pagan power at least in my mind.

When something has hurt you and the memory of it keeps coming back and haunting you, why not write out on paper your troubles, even find an object related to that time and have a funeral for that time in your life to say goodbye to it. Then follow it with a burial or a bonfire of what you wrote and the object that symbolises that time in your life.

Create your own personal rituals to reconnect you to your power, whatever works for you and live a life that is attached to nothing and in a state of love and grace with everything.

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